Guile Shenanigans!?

Just wondering if any fellow Guile players would reveal some trolling punishes or unique mix-ups.

Trolling punishes being along the lines of “focus attack to airgrab”, and unique mix-ups like “jlk, UDK” to stuff crouch teching.

Not sure if any of these count as shenanigans, but should fit trolling at least.

Baiting with whiffed c.lks and then FKing
AA Sagat’s jumping short (knee) with st. mp (uppercut variation)
5 Knuckle shuffle (repeated back knuckles)
Whiffing lk’s on wake up
Bazooka Knee over opponent after knock down
Jump in light punch (It’s always funny when Guile drops his fist into someone’s head)
Back sobat into SH (amazing how so many players jump when Guile does back sobat…)
Using super/ultra to get out of vortexes leading to clutch moments.
Crouching fierce (all day, every day)
neutral jumps…lol

The bazooka knee one is good actually, I can respect that! I’m definitely guilty of the greedy 5 knuckle shuffle.

Some fun/trolly stuff:

forward throw -> bazooka knee -> forward throw
Back-breaker airgrab -> mash standing jabs continuously until they wake up -> jump forward airgrab
Get a knockdown on Yun or Honda -> sit about a step away for a bit then jump-back instant air throw on their wakeup to beat out DP/Splash
UDK on reaction to Chun Li’s Hazanshu
Ultra 1 on THEIR wakeup :stuck_out_tongue:

I catch a few people with tick Ultra 1. I’ll also walk up and do a meaty close st.hp on certain character’s wakeups as well like Dictator and Fuerte.

Good stuff, was hoping this would keep going!

Lvl 3 focus to airgrab (some people still don’t know about that)
Jump in LK or HK to UDK, and if that doesn’t beat crouch tech then throw or even forward MP (Troll Oki)
Throwing another greedy forward HP after the first hits.

My favorite is crouch fierce just out of opponent’s sweep range then immediately flash kick. It catches people trying to punish almost every time.

For shotos. Down fierce tatsu then crouch mk when they land. It usually catches them in hado or trying to move.

GeoM Mod did sth quite a while vs me. Caught me 8 times in a row with FK with that trick.
It was the only time I have seen a Guile player did that.
Crossed me up with LK and immediately went into cr. delayed the throw and FK me. kinda difficult to explain.

One of my friend got pissed off at me for doing that to him. I’d whiff the cr.hp and he’d react to it but end up eating flashkicks every time. It’s lame but works on people whom react to whiffs.

learn when to use whom!!!

Whiff GHK then sweep.

This actually works well and in desperate situations replace that sweep with ex flash kick.

Vs Zangief: start round with a backfist. Throw him on his wake up(ballsy).
Vs shoto: crouch hp hurricane kick then crouch mk their landing.
Vs Chun: get close on knock down. Neutral jump on wake up and catch ex bird kick with a back breaker.
Vs Rufus: when he has meter cross him up then jump immediately to bait ex Messiah. Punish hard.
Vs Blanka: on wake up, cross up. If he u1s charge for flash kick. If he uses electricity then throw(you have to be must be as close as possible before crossing up).
Vs Viper: jump around like an idiot(but intelligently lol). Takes her off her game.

Against shotos with short range sweeps sometimes I like to do light fk which they block, the usual lazy response is for them to either walk up to you and throw you or use the sweep, after the light fk you have enough time to charge and do a 2nd fk before they can throw you. If they try for a sweep they will be out of range, and you hit them with the 2nd fk as they recover for the sweep attempt.

I experimented a bit with the crouch fierce whiff into flashkick, and I have to say, from my experience the whiffed crouching medium kick is superior, since it recovers faster, has an actual chance of hitting them if they dash, and punishes late focuses. To each his own I guess.

You have to do the crouch fierce wiff in intense situations so your opponent instinctively goes for a poke. Cr mk I feel is too far away. I’ll give it a try though.

Must be said, I’ve had a fair amount of mileage from > FK.

Has anyone tried canceling into super trying to catch a punish? I’ve wanted to try it but opportunities are rare.

Try a delayed walk flashkick after the instead. That works wonders. When you do a, hold down forward and then just push forward for a few frames go straight to up forward and kick. The flashkick reaches further out also.

I tried it. The cancel came out before my opponent pushed a button so he ended up blocking the super.

It’s impossible to cancel it as a punish counter because you have to do it right when the first hit connects as if it were a combo/string. Any later and you cannot cancel any more and it can’t be canceled at any stage if it whiffs. Only a few outcomes can happen when combining super with sweep: 1) hit with sweep and the super will miss due to KD; 2) sweep is blocked and the super is also blocked; 3) opponent uses an armored special or focus attack which absorbs the sweep hit then gets hit by your cancel into super.