Guile Sprite Rip request


Can someone do me a huge favor and rip some Guile sprites from SFA3 and/or CvS1 for me? Basically i just need one of each default costume color variation (eight in CvS1 and i think six in SFA3). It doesn’t have to be animated and he doesn’t have to be doing anything particularly interesting. Mostly i just want them as accurate color references. I’m just not very into emu and i’m sure this would take someone 5 minutes but would take me a couple days to set everything up. Time isn’t an issue so take as long as it takes. Thx!


i’ll rip all his A3 and CVS2 sprites when I get home on saturday. I’ll give you the A3 Guile sprites tomorrow though.


NG: I hope you didn’t forget about the request : ) No rush or anything, just got worried when it slipped off the front page with so few views and no reply.


Anybody? Seems like NG forgot.


He didn’t forget… he just claims he can do things that he can’t… perfect example was his SF3rd thread


I’m just gonna post random Guile crap.


Best I can get.


If I understand correctly, you only want these for colour references?

anyway, heres all 6 colours for Guile in A3 (taken from the DC version)
I also noted which button gave which colour (DC)

If I get my hands on CvS1 I may get sprites for that too, if you still need it. Hope this helps though :smiley:
If you would like the normal screenshots I took (.TIF) then I’d be happy to send them.


Wow, those are awesome. Thanx guys!

SA.M’ are those from arcade ST version?

Snowman how did you get those pics? Video card screenshots? Please send those original .tif files!


yeah I took them myself.
just for you.

I’ll email the .tif’s to your email address on your site.


Thanx dude! You rock.


:cool: no problem.


Snowman and SAM have pretty much provided everything i need for now. But if anyone comes across sprite rips of all Guile colors from PSX SFA3, please drop me a PM or email or something. I’d still like those. Thanx!