Guile SSF4AE 2012 Safe Jump Thread

So I decided to make a thread for all the safejumps that are known for Guile currently.

5F Safe Jumps:

Air Back Breaker --> land on the ground --> crouch fierce --> while that is in recovery frames hold up and jump in with roundhouse
LK Super --> neutral jump fierce --> standing neutral forward --> while that recovers hold up and jump in with roundhouse (This safe jump only works when done on grounded chars)
Back Throw --> forward dash once --> one step backwards --> jump in with fierce (be careful when doing this one, very timing heavy and easy to mess up)
Flash Kick FADC U2 --> forward medium kick --> crouch strong --> jump in with roundhouse

4F Safe Jumps:

Air Back Breaker --> land on the ground --> Guile High Kick (DF. Roundhouse) --> jump in with fierce
Flash Kick FADC U2 --> stand fierce --> whiff throw --> jump in with roundhouse
Backthrow --> bazooka knee --> jump in with roundhouse

3F Safe Jumps:

Backthrow --> whiff backfist --> jump in with roundhouse (this is a pseudo 3F because the DP you safe jump won’t be able to hit you until the 4th frame)

That’s all I know at the moment, if anyone else knows more then please tell me and I’ll add them in

Backthrow -> Bazooka Knee -> Jump in with roundhouse
Can’t remember the frame number… I think it’s a 4F… ?

it does work, you’re just doing it wrong

i got it…light upper cut whiffs…i was trying to get a block…good shit thanks

New safe jump? Apparently he’s safe jumping 3 frame DP here… has anyone seen or tried this? Look at 1:29

It’s not so much a safejump as the DP just won’t autocorrect. but it’s corner only so you have NO REASON to EVER do this

what if he would have landed with the HK instead of LK, could this be the guile unblockable ive been looking for? will try it in lab …

Nevermind, doesn’t land. You are right, no reason to ever do this unless you want to throw your opponent off at least once.

NOPEEE Hk won’t even land for a normal timing

am i crazy? im sure HK crossed up only in the corner, is it only certain characters then? it whiffed on ryu

I think the spacing puts you too close when you jump

That’s not a safejump. Ken’s mp srk is 4 frame. The Ken player did those srks immediately and not the timing for autocorrect srk. will most likely crossup in that distance depending on whether the opponent is blocking and the timing of the Guile player. will crossup on Ryu too.

I went and tested and did srk as late as possible. it really doesn’t autocorrect and if you jump from where the back throw positions you, a normal timed j.jk won’t even land unless I messed up the timing. I tested with Ryu’s DP

Mid screen hk crossup. Ryu was set to autoblock and doesn’t work if I set it to block all. I think this means it will hit only if the stick is at neutral which is totally useless but I recorded it just to show that hk can crossup on midscreen. Sometimes you also get crossup hk in a match if the opponent tries to walk under a jump in.


Corner hk crossup. I think this isn’t safe at all and can get lp srked if you mess up the timing. Looks like it can be dashed under too. I tried to block and it has to be blocked as a non crossup but Guile lands behind. I think it’s similiar to Akuma’s flip divekick crossup. Ryu gets hit holding db and Guile whiffs if Ryu holds df.



As for the crossup lk setup in the previous vid, I tried it myself with pressing lk early and late. Pressing lk early will get hit with non autorrect srk with Guile landing behind in the corner(kinda funny) and pressing lk late will make his srk whiff. I might not be frame-correct though as I was basically mashing after backthrow.

In this version however, I think it’s useless against Ryu players who know how to crossups as I think his got back to Vanilla 4 frame status?

I think Gilley should enlighten us on this issue. I’m suck at training mode and took a few hrs just to do this lol. Record, playback and I got mixed ups/ed which character I’m supposed to pick sometimes in order to record or control.

But how easily do those get DP’ed?

Ehh… I didn’t try to dp the crossup. Only tried the lk version cos I’m too tired.

Then again, I have a feeling Sagat has a better and bigger hitbox for unblockable/crossup hk after FK. His walk speed is also slower thus easier to force him to have to block.

i messed up when i tried this in the lab cause i didnt walk back slightly like you are… my thing is that if you happen to land the HK, what else can connect after it. Im thinking either GHK or 5 hit st HP combo

You don’t have to walk back to crossup with I think the key is to jump later than you’re used to. You can connect anything all jump-in combos after crossup.

Cross up HK ~pause~ Ultra 1!!!

this is beyond risky, even for me lol have you had any luck with this?

None really. Just throwing it out there.

EDIT: I have caught people with a regular jump in hk ~pause~ Ultra 1 though. lololol.