Guile Stick Art

Hey there fellow Guile mainers. I just finished this up today and wanted to post it up over here to get some feed back.

Originally I was going to have some smaller Guile’s along the bottom doing the Flash Explosion but now that I’ve finished with the big Guile, I’m not sure if I still want to do that or not. Any feedback and crits welcome, I want to make sure this is the best it can be before I go all out and make it my stick art.

i definitely dig it man! really sick layout and everything.

my only gripe would be guile’s name being on the stick. personally i think it would look better without it, although it is a nice touch having it in the stencil font.

I felt like it needed some sort of text in there and I liked how I ended up messing with Guile’s name with that font and turned it into a stencil looking font.

Updated the picture btw.

im loving the colors. i just personally dont like the way his face looks. besides that i REALLY like everything. the colors and the way it could look with some green buttons or someting

The second I open up the image. The first thing that comes to mind when I see his face is Harrison Ford. lol. Dont’ ask why. Just does.

@walkingorgasim (I actually typed that out?)
Thanks for the honesty dude. I’m sure my style isn’t for everyone but I’m glad you liked the layout!

dangit, now I see it too!

My apologies, Fire.
When it comes to art, I learned to always speak the first thing that comes to mind rather than trying to decipher what to say. It always ends up hiding the truth and getting the whole message twisted.

Great work though!

I think it’s sweet!!

If you only use 6 buttons then you might consider removing two so you can display more of your art on the stick.

Green buttons would be cool but I prefer the clear ones that you can slide cut outs of the art into. That would be awesome.

@ Nemesys_Syndrome

It’s cool dude. I’d much rather get the first impression because those really do count. I fixed him up a bit more but I’ve yet to post that version up. I took away some of the lines on his face and neck and also fixed the shading on his eyebrows and arm.


Thanks dude. And those are some cool ideas too! Right now I only have the Madcatz TE stick so I’m using that design, however, if I do make my own arcade stick, I really love the idea of the clear buttons. I like the idea of putting in the button icons under there or add in other little touches. I may get green ones for my current one however.