Guile Strategies and Matchups

Since most strategies and tricks are matchup-dependent, it makes sense to group the two together. Discuss anything useful in actual matches here, from specific tactics, to character-dependent move counters, to overall gameplans. The more specific you get, the better. It would be greatly appreciated if you took the time to test out everything you plan on saying in training mode to make sure that it works and to provide some numbers for stuff like damage and dizzy amount.

Other than that, try not to piss anyone off or start any flame wars.

flash kick is always air-blockable, even if done as deep as possible.

low fierce can be done VERY deep on certain characters and still win clean. It’s kinda weird, and is one of the more frustrating things about fighting Guile. You jump early over a sonic boom for what should be a guaranteed blocked jump in, and Guile just low fierces you really deep at the last second.

More anti-airs:

walk back and low forward
Walk back and throw out a meaty low forward for anti air, then control is back in your hands whether they blocked it or not. This is really important to know, particularly for characters whose jump ins Guile can’t stop without RC sonic boom. Especially handy for low jumps also. You can also link a level 3 sonic hurricane afterwards since you give yourself enough time to charge.

super jump roundhouse
This is Guile’s anti-air from half-screen to 3/4ths distance away. Throw a jab sonic boom, and if they jump straight over it just super jump roundhouse them on reaction. Will beat pretty much everything AND knock them back onto the sonic boom you just threw. Also works if they were about fullscreen trying to safely jump over a sonic boom.

level 2 kick super
This is one of the best defensive supers in the game. There’s almost no risk to throwing it out randomly since it’s nearly impossible to counter even if you think you know it’s coming. Works well in a pinch as anti-air, since the first hit has a gigantic hitbox that seems to snag anything in Guile’s general vicinity. Juggle the rh flashkick after for very decent damage, and control is in Guile’s hands.

level 2 flashkick super
This is kinda fun, but I wouldn’t recommend it in an important match. Level 2 flashkick super as anti-air, super cancel to a jab sonic boom to juggle, then cross up with super jump short. It’s actually really hard to block.

What does Guile do against Bison or Vega?

Is Bison a problem for Guile? Most Bisons I see tend to turtle and wait for the opening to RC into CC. As long as you keep the pressure up with plenty of RC booms shouldn’t that be enough? I don’t know this for sure, but I get the impression an RC jab boom will outlast an RC scissor kick.

That’s what I thought, but when I saw that they were ppl like Choi and Chen I wondered if everyone played like that (and a lot of the d/ls online show them play like that.)

bleh bleh and now the hangover :wow:

I can’t anti-air Bison at all. Is this normal? I’m not afraid to use roundhouse flash kick (no air-block for A-groove), but Bison also has that funkiness going where he ends up behind you for no reason when your flash kick should of hit.

I know walk back, d.MK works from far, but any closer and I always get beat clean when I try anything else. I’ll take a trade or anything at this point. Any tips? Air throw?

Again, I really hate it when I let Bison in on me for free. Walk up jabs and all that nonsense.

I find that fast characters have the most potential to neutralize Guile. Guile cannot do much against Todo spamming fireballs. Guile has a long roll that gives Todo a free grab. RC sonic boom is not enough since the fireball you eat has upwards of 3 hits.

Cammy’s speed and range should allow her to stop Guile’s flow of attacks. But then again, no one plays cammy against my guile.

Bison’s RC scissor kick will destroy RC sonic boom, since he’ll go right through it and hit you on your recovery. Other than that, it’s a pretty fair match up, until Bison takes 75% of your life with a CC.

Sakura also eats up guile since she can trade with his best counters and also keeps him locked down when she’s close. her fireball can also absorb a sonic boom and also hit. Again, I haven’t had much of a chance to play Guile vs Sak.

It depends on what angle he is jumping in from. Most of the time if bison is trying to cross up and is directly over top c.fp will do the trick almost all the time. The problem is when he is jumping right in front of you where you would be normally using cause his j.rh eats it for free. So the only real option you got directly in front of you is RC boom, or jump straight up medium kick if you see it coming (also good against vega jumping from a distance). So the best way to play it is keep him in the space where you can c.fp punch for the most part because you get the most options. Like where kcxj said he flash kicks and he lands right behind you, you gotta just walk under and back fist him before he lands (unless the cross up is deep on wake up or something). Small jump bison is even more of a bitch! haha and Todo is a horrible match up

To clarify, this happens when Bison is jumping in near the tip of his j.rh range. There’s a small magic spot where Guile can’t walk back far enough to low forward safely, and his s.strong doesn’t go far enough to reach Bison either. In this case you generally want to super jump forward and roundhouse right away. It’ll win clean 90% of the time, and if Bison had just jumped over a sonic boom it’ll knock him right back on top of it. He has to block it and you get to block combo a s.rh, then go from there.

Ive had the most success using this against characters that tend to beat Guiles more conventional AAs the easiest. For example if bison is going for a jump in hk, he will start it a bit early in order to counter a cr. hp…however crouching and waiting will keep guile out of range long enough so that bison whiffs and falls onto the cr. mp…works well against blanka as well…

I’ve found an unusuall counter to Guile in Athena. Warning: “this may be an extremely long fight”.

Properties which allow Athena to fight Guile:

  1. Reflector nullifies sonic boom…he sonic booms, your reflect and this sets up for her up close game.

  2. She can do a number on gaurd meter, c.lp, c.lp, c.fp is a quick combo which does decent dmg and can gaurd break well.

  3. Her teleport allows her to get out of some bad situations, as well as setting up for command throws.

  4. If you tiger knee her light pheonix arrow this can be used as punishment, if your feeling lucky you can try the rh version and try your luck against guiles wakeup.

As far as character dynamics, Athena is much faster and more manuverable than Guile…ie Vega. An her ability to take the sonic boom out of the game makes this a tough fight for guile.

you all forgot about AA

^^I just talked about it like 3 postrs ealier…

I know Guile suppose to do well against Cammy but Im having a hard time fighting her. I always get pummel to death when Im trapped in the corner. Can you guys give me some strat against her? Im a new C-Guile player so please bare with me.

what about c guile vs A RC sakura?

I use Guile occasionally and enough to add some strat to this I guess.

C.MK is the best poke against her since she does not have something to outrange that back. Even though it’s good against her, you still have to be wary about her RC hadoken or S.HK while you recover from this. Though it should have quick enough recover to avoid an RC hurricane kick.

S.HP is the best way to keep her on the ground before she jumps. Just like it’s the best for everyone else. If she jumps, then zoning to the proper distance and using S.MP or C.HP is key. If she jumps in with an early HK which is one way A Sak gains ground, RC sonic boom would take care of that.

Jumping in on her is probably the worst idea since she can hit most of Guile’s air attacks out with S.HP, C.HP, or RC hurricane. Keeping the game on the ground is pretty essential to beating her.

This matchup is determined by who keeps control. If you let Sakura RC her way into pressuring you, it’s pretty much over since RC hurricane will beat out RC flash kick/sonic boom. Bait out random RC’s and CC activates and punish at will.

Her hurricane trap is still an iffy for me. Not sure how Guile would best counter that.

air throws work awesome as air-to-air; from my experience they seem to outprioritize damn near every aerial attack there is. you can even straight up aa a good amount of jumpins by quick airthrowing on reaction.

With Sak can you Sonic Hurricane as well?
I haven’t tried much against the trap Depends on if they are RCing or not I guess. I know you can jab her out of the startup at the correct distance if you time it right I am pretty sure if you get hit by the SBK it actually gives you a throw afterward. (not positive and I can’t test for sure right now.

Any tip on Guile vs Vega matchup? I usually try to keep away from this matchup since I get owned pretty bad by vega :frowning: RC’s is not an option since I am playing K guile :xeye: