Guile tactics in sfhf2

A couple questions , what is the best way to deal with ryu when he is on the ground? If I try to cross over I keep getting hit by the dragon punch. If I try to sonic boom and run up and throw I usually get tossed by him. When I try to stand over him and hit him with repeated jab/shorts I get either a.tossed or b.hit with a bunch of ducking shorts until I get dizzed. Does anyone know any good offensive strats when ryu is on the ground?

i am not the best guile in the world or anything like that…but zoning is the number 1 priority when you play as guile. You don’t want to be in the corner against ryu. Just be patient and the sonic boom->suplex works a lot better if the are in the corner or if you are really close to them.

I think your problem is maybe you’re thinking too much offence. Try to keep a distance where if they jump you can flash kick (LK) if the stay on the ground throw a slow sonic boom and advance quickly and do crouchin MKs to push them back. Don’t always use the slow one because they will catch on and jump over and punish before you can flash kick, so use a fast sonic boom here and there and they will hit the ground as the try to jump.

GET YOUR OPPNENT IN THE CORNER (limit their options/space)

I’ve never really been much of a guile player, so take this with a grain of salt, but I can tell you what works against me when I’m Ryu and play against a good Guile.

  1. Low medium kick pokes. Guile’s low forward is an excellent poke. You can zone in and out and poke quite a bit with him. It’s fast enough to stuff most fireball attempts and really works good. Just don’t get too predictable with it. If all you do is throw that out there, or do it in a predictable way, a good Ryu will take advantage of it.

  2. The most confounding setup to me is the slow sonic boom follow in. The key is to mostly not go for the throw. The setup works well because of one thing, once the opponent has started to block they’re stuck in that position. That means, if they start blocking high, then they’re stuck blocking high. If they start low, they’re stuck low. You can take advantage of this by looking at how they’re about to block the boom as you move in. If they’re blocking high, then walk up just out of throw range and use a low forward. This essentially hits them high and low at the same time causing them to eat the low forward. If they block low, do a jump in. And every once in a while go for the throw or do some other random shit. If you mix these up correctly you’ll strike fear into opponent.

Well, now you know how to at least beat me :wgrin:

Best poking attacks - Standing/Low Jab/Short, Low Forward, Standing Fierce
Best antiair counters - Short Flash Kick, Low Fierce, Standing Roundhouse, Low Roundhouse (Full screen tripguard)
Best Jump In attacks - Fierce, Forward (Deep Jumping Forward stuffs most slide attacks)

If the opponent isn’t too skilled, I’ll go offensive because they have too many holes in their game. If an opponent has an idea of what they’re doing, I’ll turtle up, spicing it up with a throw or backhand counter to throw them off guard. Walkup Sonic -> Throw works, just got to know the ranges. Don’t be afraid to throw a Sonic and then do a low fierce if you see the opponent jumping in from within jumpin range. You’ll at least trade hits, usually in your favor.

Enough random ramblings from me.

Learn how to buffer the fuck outta sonic boom. I can do it in a couple of combos, but out of regular pokes it catches people off guard. And learning guiles strong combos is a must.

if you’re not hitting towards or up to do a flash kick or boom… you’re holding back

to advance do a standing mk while holding back to hold flash but move foward

jab, strong, boom, is a poke against people who can’t dp betweem the boom and the

play me a lil… guile’s my fav char


All the advice above is good. One more thing:

Do not forget the forward+MK move. Covers a lot of ground fast, if opponent blocks, you have a shot at throwing him if he doesn’t react fast enough. Sometimes, use standing Fierce Punch. It has a lot of range and is usually unexpected. I often trade a fireball damage for a fierce punch connect damage. Guess who wins? :smiley:

Other than that, learn the combos and practice your footsies.

Good luck

Remember that the “forward +MK” move mentioned above can also be done with back + MK, allowing Guile to keep his charge while moving forward.

Did either of you even read Phil McFly’s post? Or do you just get hard-ons for redundancy?

Actually, i didn’t, but your post was totally necessary.

That’s funny; I pretty much said the same thing about yours. I guess you DO have a hardon for repetition.

Great info Sweet Johnny I didnt really think about seeing how the opponent blocks the Boom, thats gonna help me out a lot for some unblockable attempts.

I am glad someone made this thread, cuz i am having difficulty with my guile.

let me preface this that i have not played a 2D fighter seriously in a long time, but when i did play with my friends back in the long ago days of middle school, i thought i was decent, so i am really getting frustrated.

one of my biggest problems is comboing, it seems like whenever i jump in i eat a throw or get hit before even starting my move onthe groun. is this becuase of lag? or is the window for linking moves much smaller than other more recent 2D fighters? should I not wait until i know if my first hit connected, and just go for broked and finish the whole combo- high risk/high reward?

here is my usual combo, please tell me if there is anything better.

jump in with fierce punch, crouch strong punch, strong flash kick.

opponent inthe corner- jumping fierce punch, standing fierce punch, sonic boom, backhand.

i am pretty good at just sitting on my ass and turtling, i use the jab sonic boom and then either throw,crouching strong kick, or jump in. i also love the hopping knee into throw or sonic boom. i know i need alot of work on certain match-ups, i get creamed by blankas, and balrogs. but i really think my bread and butter guaranteed damge comboes is my weakest link, and any help would be appreciated.

I’m not a big fan of the flashkick combo (online) because if you miss for whatever reason (usually lag) you’re more vulnerable than if you miss with a boom. I usually do the jump fierce, fierce, boom, backfist combo instead.

Not the greatest with Guile but trying to get back into using him but here goes,

One thing to look out for is to only do the 4 fierce combo in the corner or when the opponent is dizzy, otherwise the opponent somtimes is in a crouching position while in hit stun and the standing fierce wiffs. Mid screen better to use jump in fierce, cr. strong, fierce boom, cr. forward (or if opp. standing, backfist).

I find it’s usually better to just bait the wake-up shoryuken from ryu and then flash kick him. Then after that a few times just walk up throw. Or just stay back and force him to block a boom on wake-up (cr.forward or roundouse if he Shoryukens through the boom if your close enough).

you must be patient against a good ryu, with his fireball speed he’s harder to zone than some of the other characters, him and Sagat can be a pain.

And to Frostycyke, if your not getting your combo off and getting thrown after a jump in your hitting to high, you need to make that first jump-in hit deeper. If your getting the first hit deep but the opponent is blocking the rest of your combo than your not hitting that 2nd move fast enough (and yes, lag can throw off the timing and be causing both problems).