Guile, the new Anti-Gief? How to beat "Super" Guile?



Once (if) you get in on Sagat, it can be pretty even.
But Christ, this new Guile with sonic “hadoken” booms, walking behind/inside them and footies rivaled only by Ryu. This guy is a strait menace. (Didn’t CAPCOM make certain moves 2 sec charge because QCF abuse would lead to shenanigans? If he didnt have instant recovery, maybe it wouldnt be so effing retarded.)


He can juggle > FADC > Ultra now… Argh!!!


In SF4 -, you could bulldog him into the corner, and a few psychic quick lariats to punish standing pokes and your game. Now ? HA!!!


Guile works the way he’s supposed to now that’s all they did. The Guile in the old game was a disgrace to Guile. You couldn’t even call him Guile. Which of course inherently the new Guile is going to give Zangief problems but Guile has always made it hard for Gief in any SF game so that’s just how the cookie crumbles I guess.

It’s going to be EXTREMELY hard to be a Gief main solely now. If you main Gief you better have extra characters on the side. You thought it was hard sticking with Gief in Vanilla…oh man. Winning tournaments with Gief is going to be harder than ever. I don’t think Gief’s Ultra 2 is going to do that much to carry his bad matchups and he still has all the same weaknesses. Luckily other characters got weakened too but with 10 new characters that pretty much all seem to be a threat vs. Gief minus a couple of them…not looking good.


The only new character that poses a threat to gief is Dee Jay…


Not even Ibuki?

Would love to see some strats here for Super Guile… Guess as times goes on, IF the Gief Heavyweights continue to develop the character despite his newfound rape—errr, nerfage


I was thinking the same thing. I think the new cast poses little problems for Gief. Its the buffed underdogs from the old cast (Dhalsim and Guile in particular) that have me worried more than anything.


my thoughts exactly but for some reason, my friend’s makoto is fucking nasty ( and i struggle abit against him) you guys are going to have to play him, so far he’s he best makoto that i played. his name is xsosicknashfanx on xbox live. This guy’s makoto is nasty as fuck. also his rose and chun will wreck alot of people shit too. i think dudley is fucking free. juri is kind of free and ibuki you just have to turtle and punish and don’t get hit buy a kunai that shit will be your end. Ibuki has a loop that can possibly do, up to

check that out and this one also


just found another man, ibuki’s damage is fucking broken

. man, this is just stupid man. like i hope they come out with something that lowers her stun and damage output that shit is bs


final check the links bro , cant see shit it redirect to something else not youtube


I think Dhalsim is just as bad, dhalsim is a beast now. New Guile is definitley getting back to where he used to be.

Ive picked up hakan just for fun and i actually have less trouble with guile as hakan then i do as geif… that might just be me though.


If Guile player know the matchup, Zangief can not beat Guile no mather how good he is. It is a 10-0 matchup in Guiles favor. I am not exaggerating, Guile have all the tools to keep Zangief out.
It is a 9-1 matchup vs Dhalsim.


Guiles biggest weakness is that even after one year plus of playtime, many Guile players still use that God awful double sweep move.



(we don’t want them to hear…) O.o


What Awful double sweep move :confused: ?

Also just to inform, Guile Light Flash Kick has full 5 frame invincibility which covers its 5 start up frames, completely beating out any jump in, but still can be easily crossed up on wake up.

Gief can threaten a cornered Guile so much, the match considered finished already, and same goes for a cornered gief, so be careful not to get pushed back easily


Well no offense was intended, it just seems that move is pretty awful against gief. He can light p 360 during it or Ex Green hand it.


Guile’s double sweep is awful. No good Guile player uses it unless they know it will hit. Even then, there are usually other much better punishment options. But most Guile’s online will throw them out like their life depended on it. Hence, there being a lot of terrible Guile players.


Yeah where did these good online guiles come from there were maybe 3 or 4 guiles online towards the end of sf4 that could beat me now there are at least 4 times that. But most online guiles still think his bnb is fjhk to double sweep.


That double sweep can be hard to punish if your just a tick to slow. Or maybe it’s the online lag. Get beat by the second leg when i go for lk xx EX GH to dam often. So its a great move ONLY if the person your playing is a tad slow on the trigger…

In vanilla if he was deep enough i could punish with a quick lariat but the dam hitbox is changed. grrrrr


An someone else did mention it. Finally played a halfway decent DeeJay (2000+ PP if that worth anything). Wow, it really is tough. All the other new characters with the exception of Cody in most instances you can punish specials. DJ, good luck. That dude is the Jamaican Guile for sure.

Waiting for the high level vids…


i personally think guile is a bit worst… all of dee jays attacks are punishable on block … .ALL OF THEM . His slide , the shit that he does after he throws a air slasher, just walk and block and if he throws it out on block lp spd that suger cane eating bitch. guile is worst because guile doesn’t have too many things that’s punishable, i mean of course his awful is punishable but no good guile would use that. flash kicks is also but like i said a good guile won’t just throw that out there. you play dee jay a bit more careful then guile… like i don’t think you can stuff his ex. up kick nor his regular up kick not even on wake up . you just have to be careful


Push him in a corner and poke him to death. Dee Jay can’t counter poke you like Guile can and his fire ball is punishable, on reaction, by EX GH more easily. Never jump on him because his slide will wreck you and that is virtually all he is looking for the whole game. His fireballs move too slow and his follow ups aren’t as good as Guile so you can walk him into the corner easily. Once you get there st lk will be your primary focus but all of your pokes can be useful.


LOL, Guile over gief 10-0…never. Vs Dhalsim 9-1 ROFL… OMG, ask Sabin, A. Valle, Rashssan or Jcole about that. My god I see why I dont visit these threads anymore.