Guile theme at my wedding?


i’m getting married sometime in spring of next year and I was thinking of having the guile theme play when my fiancee walks down the aisle.

i’m thinking of not telling her about this until it happens on the wedding day.

do you think this is a good idea? do you think she’d be mad?


it has to start as the “normal” wedding song and then change in the middle to guile’s theme. that would be boss.
don’t forget to upload a vid tho.


Are you sure you are ready to be a family man?


The only possible responses.



Please Jesus don’t let anyone beat me to this.



nah fuck that shit, you need to go with something like this.


You could be more subtle and use the CPS2 version of Ken’s ending theme.
Oh and btw, unless she’s really into SF too, this is the dumbest idea ever. Your fiance will most likely want this to be the best, most perfect day of her life. To suddenly hear Guile’s theme when she’s walking down the aisle will not fall within her definition of perfection.
This is one of those ideas that’s like, kinda funny in your head, but you quickly have to wake up and get back to reality. Not playing the Guile theme is probably not something you’ll regret later in life. Scaring off your fiance however, will be.

So yeah, go ahead with it if you want, but don’t be surprised if she runs up and Flash Kicks you in the balls.


Do not listen to Bob Sagat. This is an excellent idea with no possibility of error.


I guess she’s man enough to fight with you, if you can’t tell her straight up you want this theme.


I like zUkUu’s idea, but to be safe you may want to hide it a bit and use an orchestral version or something. CPS2 version will be too shockingly manly for most of the people in attendance.


Go for it, sounds like a perfectly good idea with no conceivable consequences.


I’d prefer a slam jam remix personally.

“If she can’t slam with the best, then she can jam with the rest.”



This could be you if you go through with this


Will you be cosplaying as Guile too?


Wait, so you’re saying Guile’s theme DOESN’T go with everything? That can’t be!


Hawkeye’s theme makes everything better


Now you’re starting to make me wonder if I should’ve played Akuma’s theme at my wedding…

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Awful idea. While you’re at it you mine as well put a Chuck Norris spin on the vows for each of you to read, and dress the ring bearer up as Gollum.


Why not have Guiles theme as YOU walk down the aisle? Men can have music as they walk down to take up position to wait for the bride, it’s just that not many men bother.
That way you get Guiles theme at your wedding and still actually get to be married.
Which won’t happen if you follow your original idea.


I was planning on having Throw it all away -Shadow’s theme as I walked down the aisle

I dare anyone to stop me…


Dude’s just trying to be a family man.

OH MAN I just now realized the irony of that win quote, considering that Guile had to abandon his wife and daughter to go after Bison. In his world, only winners are allowed to be deadbeats.