Guile thread


Some more stuff

For anti-airs I’d stick to flashkick, close st.Roundhouse, duck fierce(mostly trades but it’s better than having them on your ass without a charge) and cr.forward from far away. Away+forward is also a servicable anti-air, but it’s fairly circumstantial. I wouldn’t recommend st.strong as an anti-air though. This isn’t CvS2 so it has neither the range nor the priority it boasts in that game. Cr. strong is ok if they messup a crossup, but if you’re that close I’d go for the throw instead. Close st.forward is also ok if they’re directly over you, but I wouldn’t abuse it.

It’s extremely important to use your normals judiciously with guile. Know their ranges, know what to use when and know when not to stick anything out.

His most useful normals are:

-cr.forward(of course):Although it’s been weakened from other games, it is still an outstanding poke that should be used alot. Great range, speed and anti-air properties(remember ST has no trip guard)

-Step-kick:Learn its range to bait and punish sweeps and other low attacks. Great from keeping pressure after a blocked boom or to combo after one connects. Also good for advancing while preserving your charge.

-Backfist:It’s good as a pre-emptive anti air or to smack them in the face when your boom neutralizes a fireball. It can be a decent long range poke as well, but remember that it can be ducked. Great dizzy potential.

-Sobat:Learn to time this to go over sweeps and low tigershots. It has great range and mobility. Proper use is crucial if you want to even have a chance and beating OG Sagat.

-Knee Bazooka: Mostly good for the mobility it provides. Using this you can advance quite well while maintaining a charge. This is very useful in wakeup situations. For example, you can force your opponnent to block 2 booms if you knock them down. At mid-screen distance, throw a meaty jab boom, then knee once or twice and throw a fierce boom while they’re blocking the first. Then, as they block the second you can do a step kick to keep them blocking as you charge for a third boom or flashkick. Bear in mind that block damage is not negligible in ST. Your opponent(who would already be on the defensive after a knockdown) will want to get out of that corner so you have total control.

I guess that’s it for now.


just recently i decided to start playing pretty much nothing but Guile in ST. i’m getting my butt handed to me left and right 'cause i’m not very good, but i feel like i’m improving quite a bit. he’s hard to use well in ST compared to other versions, i think - probably because there’s just so much more to deal with - but i think he’s worth mastering.

i’m gonna stay tuned to this thread and maybe use it to track my progress a bit if i find any interesting strategies i like. :slight_smile:


Is O. Guile better or N. Guile? Why?

thanks for the replies


What N. Guile has over O.Guile is the throw softening and the super move, as well as being able to move around with his s.forward. O. Guile has his s.Roundhouse as an anti-air and can charge while still rapidly pressing s.short. I’m not sure if O.Guile does more damage than N.Guile, but overall, N.Guile seems to be more effective, especially with the j.short cross-ups.


Is Guile’s super really even worth it though?

It’s a horrible anti air considering it’s a super and isn’t it pretty hard to connect?


It does suck compared to the other supers, but you can use it for chip if the opponent is on low life, or as a reversal. You can combo it in as well from a cross up j.short.


i find it’s pretty good in reaction to projectiles if you’re close enough to flash kick over them normally…definitely not one of the better supers in the game, though. as anti-air it’s alright, better when you have them jumping out of the corner - but there’s a weird delay on it that takes some getting used to…


What normals can be canceled into Guiles super?



Short, Jab, s.Fierce, I know for a fact those can.


Anything that can be canceled into special moves plus c.HP so:

s.LP, close s.MP, far s.MP, close s.HP, s.LK, c.LP, c.MP, c.HP

You can’t cancel c.LK into super but you can chain it into s.LK and then kara-cancel the s.LK into specials or super.


Thanks for the info


another question, I’m programming the commands but I cant get any of those to properly cancel. Is there something weird about the timing?


Programming the commands into what?






Thanks a lot. THat worked. Now, I’m jus trying to figure out how possible it is for me to do it with a joystick.

Btw, how long can kawaks macros be?


I have a question

How you kara fk and how is it usefull?

Maybe this is not as beneficial to this game (someone tell me) but you can do sonics boom charge back, foward, back, punch. You would be already charging another sonic boom, can be done for the flash kick too, charge back, foward, down foward, down, punch.


This seem pretty dead, but I will still try.

I heard mention that his best throw is strong, why is that so, more range?
Any thows setups that one should know with guile?

And im having some difficulty aggaints fireballs characters. Usually the ones that don’t have one I do well, since they have to come to me. But the ones with fireballs I don’t seem to be able to maintaing their fireball pace. I try to get closer with some hop kicks and safe jump fireballs but it work only when at distance. Any tips will be apreciated.



I discover a very easy input to make the super. I only test it on anniversary.
Charge db,df,ub. Super easy and very fast to do. I used to have problem with it but know I never mess up Even tought the super is not very useful, its fill up very fast and even if you don’t get to use it your oponnet have to reconsider some of his options just for the fact of having it.


Looking at the game data from T.Akiba (thanks, NKI, for the translation!), it doesn’t list his ground throws as separate in either damage or range, so I assume they’re the same in that respect. I don’t know if there’s some other reason for using the Strong throw like tossing the opponent farther or if people just do it because they think it looks cooler or something.

That’s very cool, anyone know if it works in the arcade too? I won’t be able to test it myself for about a week or so.