Guile thread


i find it’s pretty good in reaction to projectiles if you’re close enough to flash kick over them normally…definitely not one of the better supers in the game, though. as anti-air it’s alright, better when you have them jumping out of the corner - but there’s a weird delay on it that takes some getting used to…


What normals can be canceled into Guiles super?



Short, Jab, s.Fierce, I know for a fact those can.


Anything that can be canceled into special moves plus c.HP so:

s.LP, close s.MP, far s.MP, close s.HP, s.LK, c.LP, c.MP, c.HP

You can’t cancel c.LK into super but you can chain it into s.LK and then kara-cancel the s.LK into specials or super.


Thanks for the info


another question, I’m programming the commands but I cant get any of those to properly cancel. Is there something weird about the timing?


Programming the commands into what?






Thanks a lot. THat worked. Now, I’m jus trying to figure out how possible it is for me to do it with a joystick.

Btw, how long can kawaks macros be?


I have a question

How you kara fk and how is it usefull?

Maybe this is not as beneficial to this game (someone tell me) but you can do sonics boom charge back, foward, back, punch. You would be already charging another sonic boom, can be done for the flash kick too, charge back, foward, down foward, down, punch.


This seem pretty dead, but I will still try.

I heard mention that his best throw is strong, why is that so, more range?
Any thows setups that one should know with guile?

And im having some difficulty aggaints fireballs characters. Usually the ones that don’t have one I do well, since they have to come to me. But the ones with fireballs I don’t seem to be able to maintaing their fireball pace. I try to get closer with some hop kicks and safe jump fireballs but it work only when at distance. Any tips will be apreciated.



I discover a very easy input to make the super. I only test it on anniversary.
Charge db,df,ub. Super easy and very fast to do. I used to have problem with it but know I never mess up Even tought the super is not very useful, its fill up very fast and even if you don’t get to use it your oponnet have to reconsider some of his options just for the fact of having it.


Looking at the game data from T.Akiba (thanks, NKI, for the translation!), it doesn’t list his ground throws as separate in either damage or range, so I assume they’re the same in that respect. I don’t know if there’s some other reason for using the Strong throw like tossing the opponent farther or if people just do it because they think it looks cooler or something.

That’s very cool, anyone know if it works in the arcade too? I won’t be able to test it myself for about a week or so.


Yeah, I think the only benefits of strong is that it throw farther away.
And the special input can be done with vega too, of course aniversary im talking about.


I forgot to tell some time ago.

Yes you can do guiles super charging db,df,ub,k

It work on ST too.


pressure tactics

anybody know what to do when you have your opponent in the corner with guile i try sticking to flash kicks but that doesn’t work all the time any other tactics to keeping opponents in the corner with guile


what i usually do is keep sonic booms up when they’re in the corner,and try to pick at them with crouching medium kick and standing fierce punch.You can also do combos to keep them in the corner

You can always go for a tick throw too

I’ve seen some people use guiles overhead when people are in the corner too


I’m having a bit of trouble connecting small combos with guiles super. i.e. j. fierce/j. roundhouse / c. fierce xx Super. Is it just timing, or do i have to cancel something.


Idk about karaing fk, (im trying to figure out how to kara the super, so Im half way there :P) and the thing about charging away -> towards ->away ~ punch is called charge buffering. Partitioning is only in sf3.