Guile thread


This seem pretty dead, but I will still try.

I heard mention that his best throw is strong, why is that so, more range?
Any thows setups that one should know with guile?

And im having some difficulty aggaints fireballs characters. Usually the ones that don’t have one I do well, since they have to come to me. But the ones with fireballs I don’t seem to be able to maintaing their fireball pace. I try to get closer with some hop kicks and safe jump fireballs but it work only when at distance. Any tips will be apreciated.



I discover a very easy input to make the super. I only test it on anniversary.
Charge db,df,ub. Super easy and very fast to do. I used to have problem with it but know I never mess up Even tought the super is not very useful, its fill up very fast and even if you don’t get to use it your oponnet have to reconsider some of his options just for the fact of having it.


Looking at the game data from T.Akiba (thanks, NKI, for the translation!), it doesn’t list his ground throws as separate in either damage or range, so I assume they’re the same in that respect. I don’t know if there’s some other reason for using the Strong throw like tossing the opponent farther or if people just do it because they think it looks cooler or something.

That’s very cool, anyone know if it works in the arcade too? I won’t be able to test it myself for about a week or so.


Yeah, I think the only benefits of strong is that it throw farther away.
And the special input can be done with vega too, of course aniversary im talking about.


I forgot to tell some time ago.

Yes you can do guiles super charging db,df,ub,k

It work on ST too.


pressure tactics

anybody know what to do when you have your opponent in the corner with guile i try sticking to flash kicks but that doesn’t work all the time any other tactics to keeping opponents in the corner with guile


what i usually do is keep sonic booms up when they’re in the corner,and try to pick at them with crouching medium kick and standing fierce punch.You can also do combos to keep them in the corner

You can always go for a tick throw too

I’ve seen some people use guiles overhead when people are in the corner too


I’m having a bit of trouble connecting small combos with guiles super. i.e. j. fierce/j. roundhouse / c. fierce xx Super. Is it just timing, or do i have to cancel something.


Idk about karaing fk, (im trying to figure out how to kara the super, so Im half way there :P) and the thing about charging away -> towards ->away ~ punch is called charge buffering. Partitioning is only in sf3.


Kara Flash Kick is most useful after a Cross-up. It’s a good “safe” combo, so that you can go into the Flash Kick if they are getting hit and not do the Flash Kick if they are blocking.

So, cross-up Short, Crouch Short, Crouch Short into Kara Flash Kick is the Combo.

To do it, just learn the rhythm of doing three Crouch Shorts. Don’t mash, just tap it out so you get Crouch Short x 3 to Combo, the quicker the better. Now, to do the Kara Cancel, use the same timing, except on the last Short, hit Up and roll your fingers across Short and Forward as fast as possible without being simultaneous. That will get you the Kara Cancel for the Razor Kick.

Warning: you CAN do this too slow so the Razor Kick doesn’t Combo, and if the opponent blocks, just be ready to eat a combo. Practice the timing so you do the Crouch Short x 3 as quickly as you can. That will give you more leeway to Combo the Flash Kick.


Does this pattern work for guiles super. cause I’m trying to figure that one out. I know its going to be a different motion, but it would be nice to know what to do…


Anyone have any links on Guiles match ups? In particular how to deal with Claw and Blanka?

Also any opinions on any of his other normals as pokes? I like using standing forward as well as crouching forward to poke at people. To mix it up with backfist/roundhouse stuff.


Yes, it does. But it’s tougher. The reason it is tougher is because you have to make sure you are fully charged up for the Super. So in other words, normally, you do the motion for the super carefully. But now, you have to do it fast. Because if you start it too early, you don’t have enough time to charge up for the super. So don’t start the super motion until RIGHT before you press the third Short + Forward. Otherwise, it’s not gonna happen. Also, you can still do this too slow so the Super doesn’t Combo. It’s a tough combo, but to answer your question again: yes, use this same methodology to do the combo.


I typed up some anti-Blanka:

Beat the Slide Punch

  1. Standing short
    Standing short beats not only the slide punch but also horizontal balls and Blanka’s super. One of the sweetest things Guile can do is jab sonic -> standing short. If Blanka tries to slide under the sonic at max-range your short will hit him into it for a 2 hit combo.

  2. Standing roundhouse
    Try to catch him as he goes into the punch. Especially good if Blanka tries two slide punches in a row – hit him with roundhouse in between. Blanka can beat Guile’s standing roundhouse with his standing jab but if he’s doing those jabs you can hit him with an old fashioned crouching forward.

  3. Fierce Sonic
    Mix these in with the jab sonic booms sometimes to try to catch him flinching.

No-charge Air Defense (Standard)
Any given option can be beat, so good anti-air is a matter of knowing the proper spacing and reading your opponent.

  1. Crouching forward/roundhouse
    Loses to a late Blanka jump fierce. You can also do the crouching forward a little late looking for a blocked hit. If Blanka is really sneaky he could forward hop over that one but you should have a Flash Kick charged by then so…

  2. Vertical jump roundhouse / climbing jump fierce
    If you’re backed into the corner and you get beat air-to-air by a Blanka jump jab, note that you’re vulnerable to his fierce ball trickery so be careful.

  3. Crouching fierce
    This usually loses to Blanka’s jump short but that ain’t the end of the world. Do it early such that Blanka hits you high, and you can do a defensive two-way mix-up on the back end: sac-throw or Flash Kick. Crouching fierce a little later if you’re trying to trade.

No-charge Air Defense (Non-standard)

  1. Backfist
    At long range this is not unlike Sagat’s standing fierce. Do it as late as possible to try to trade or beat Blanka’s jumping jab/jumping roundhouse.

  2. Far standing strong

  3. Neutral or back+medium kick Sobat

  4. Standing roundhouse

  5. Standing short (!?)
    All weird shit that you see Muteki doing against Blanka players sometimes.

Cross-up Short
Blanka is a huge target for an ambiguous jump short -> crouching strong -> (hit confirm) flash kick. If your opponent has a reliable reversal vertical ball this doesn’t mean much but…

Whiff -> Throw Trickery
Up close, joystick plus roundhouse (the upside down kick) and joystick plus medium kick (sobat) both miss. Whiff the kick and throw the beast.


stand short seems to beat a lot of low hitbox attacks like Sims crouch punches. > sonic boom, Sim does cr. punch, stand short, 2 hits

VS blankas slide, jump straight plus HP is also a good option when u anticipate slide.

also good for defense mix ups and decreasing some “pressure” from blankas attacks for a short moment (focus of Blanka player shifts from a grounded Guile to a Air,ground Guile for moment)



Ok, how do you kara-cancel Crossover j. Short / cr.jab x2 xx super… this would help me out if i understood this more specifically.


Kara cancelling the super off a crossover is the same way you would kara cancel c.jab x2 > super

To kara cancel c.jab x2 into a super you charge D or DB and press c.jab > c.jab > QCUB+jab~short

A shortcut method of doing guile’s super is to charge D or DB for it, then do a reverse tiger knee motion+K. For you Marvel players, this is just like doing AHVB.

The key to getting this to work off of a crossover is to charge for the super FK from the DOWN position, straight down. It’s often not known that guile can charge for his super this way. So, just jump and your opponent and immediately hold down, do the crossover short, then c.jab > c.jab > QCUB+jab~short kick.

There is an alternate method I use to do guile’s super FK that can make it easier to perform in certain situations. I charge straight down, the quickly press DF, UF+K. I think of doing the super the same way I would do a dash in 3S or Marvel. I kind of charge down, then double tap F, F +K(only using DF, UF). Sorry if this doesn’t make sense. I still don’t know the best way to explain it.


Just did it today, going to kick a lot more ass with Guile thanks to you. You have gained the blessings of the Bum King. :smile:
Here is a fun combination for an opponent in a corner
J. fierce/st. fierce -> fierce boom -> towards fierce dizzy j. fierce/roundhouse/ cr. jab x2 xx super (death).


I know this is kinda noob question, but what’s the joystiq motion to combo a standing normal into a flash kick I just seem to get it at random, like it doesn’t seem I can charge enough for a flash kick with the duration of a standing normal. Any help is apreciated.


charge down, let the stick go to neutral + attack, then go ~up+kick

ex. d, neutral+st.close Fierce ~u+K