Guile thread


I can definitely understand what you’re saying, and maybe I’m wrong but… hear me out:
(Note: I am a long time Honda/Bison player… my experience w/ Guile is based in casuals or A2 Charlie, so I might be wrong… in that case, take David’s advice. Just trying to help out, Master Chibi.)

I also said you can low strong the limbs, lots safer than a guess FK, but if you can bait/predict it then it’s good shit. Obviously it’s a different match than Charlie/Sim A2, but that match is described in the A2 book just about how I proposed, I figure since Sim has about the same stuff, and Charlie has about the same stuff, it would be similar advice. The A2 book has only a small section that basically states: Punch the limbs, don’t throw booms in his range and just block the yoga fires. I think you fear block damage a little too much.

I guess I am mostly disagreeing with your notion of walking and jumping backward. I play Jeff Schaefer turtle style when I play Charlie/Guile/Honda, and one of the major points of that style is to not let yourself get pushed around positionally. It doesn’t really matter if your opponent “controls the match” because if you control your position and never get cornered, the “control” is just an illusion. That “control” fades once you have the lead in life, and a Schaefer-style turtle is always willing to take a slow, pressure match and wait for the other guy to crack. There’s lots more to that style, including some flat out attacking, but if I have the lead I am going to low block and wait, generally.

I was saying Honda vs Sim, not Honda vs Guile. I am saying that Sim has to actually get a solid chunk of damage off Honda somehow and I won’t let him do that, that’s how I figured Guile could fight sim. Honda vs Guile is obviously to neutral jump, walk, buttslam over the sonic booms and land an Ochio or a trip then go for ticks, crossups or trips etc.

It’s most likely a difference in style, but I haven’t ever fought a “hit and run” game in ST. I’ve been playing ST for many years now, I’d assume longer than you, but I’ve only used Guile casually. Granted, I’m not a great guile player, but for me… I can/am willing to eat some block damage as long as I get a buff hit or two in there. And if you’re crouching and he Yoga Fires, you can match it before he throws a limb.


And Ive been doing the super from DB the old fashioned way! That makes it a whole lot easier seeing as you can just charge down and hit df, uf k.

Im having trouble comboing the two jabs. Im in practice mode on the anniversary collection. I see a the two jabs combo and the super come out but they show up as two seperate combos. Two hits for the jabs and 5 for the super. Is there something I am doing wrong or am I not doing this fast enough.


Yeah, it sounds like you’re not kara cancelling fast enough. I get this same problem sometimes. Make sure to practice on Zangief or Fei Long first until you can get it on them really easy, then try against other people. The timing to cancel into super(and have the super actually combo) is really picky in ST. If you can get the super to actually come out though, you’re already 1/2 way there.


Is there any top player that uses O. Guile?




I think Nelson used to use O.Guile?


Anyone have a match up chart for this game???

I wanna pick up guile and finally get good at this game I just wanna no what’s his good and bad match ups. Is chun imposible for him cuz I keep getting raped by her =(

Sup NKI give me a holla at evoeast I need to powerup in this game


Joel Frank, who won the first tourney in Vegas (kind of a precurosor to the B2/B3/Evo series) won it with O. Guile.

Bob Painter took 2nd with Honda.


guile boom sonic


Guile! Do’s and Don’ts

VS Boxer

DO spam sonic booms and c.mks to stuff and punish dashes.
DO advance safely towards opponent using and

VS Claw

DO use the tip of j.fp to stuff wall dives (if no charge for sommersault is available.)
DO pressure with and sonic booms.

DO NOT use c.fp as an anti-air. that shit sucks.


DO use OG Guile. Standing hk and backfist is no joke.


Whats the diff between o Guile and n Guile?


Wow, I thought I was the only one who like O.Guile.


Dont forget stand LK w/o holding it neutral!



Here’s the gist of T.Akiba’s Guile vs. Claw writeup.

Guile 3-7 Vega

  • Sliding is annoying
  • No air defense when he jumps a sonic [from close]
  • Difficult to okiseme

Pinned in the corner

  • Use flash kick vs. chip damage attempt [rolling claw]
  • Gamble flash kick vs. Izuna/Barcelona
  • When you predict a wall dive fake out, fierce sonic

Anti Slide Kick
Unless he’s right on top of you there’s no good way to stop the slide kick.
Gamble flash kick misses. Sonic trades unfavorably. Towards+medium kick sometimes works but you have to predict and Guile’s down on a trade.
[Far standing roundhouse works here and there, too.]
Keeping quiet and blocking is safest. At least it doesn’t do chip damage.

Also, after a blocked slide, sonic is not recommended. You’ll eat crouching strong. If he gets predictable with blocked slide -> crouching strong you can flash kick but don’t get carried away.

Bad range for Vega
Get into a more favorable position with jab sonics. Some breathing room. [half screen ish]

  • Counter the jump in with crouching roundhouse.
  • If he vertical jumps the sonic, use crouching forward. (Try to meet him in the air [w/ jump roundhouse or whatever] and you’ll eat his vertical jab)
  • If he blocks it, move back with back+medium kick and throw the next sonic.

[not explicit but I think this is all about ticks]

  • Very difficult to time safe jump in vs. Vega.
  • Doesn’t mean much since he’s got standing flip kick.
  • If he backflips you can’t throw him.
  • Even when you do get the throw he’ll tech hit.
    Risk reward stinks.

Ultimately, a blocked jab sonic might be best.
[fuck that, jump in and try to tick. Cross up short -> crouching jab -> throw
Or just crouching short x2 -> throw]


I heard that kurahashi was using occasional jump towards short to counter claw’s slide spam. Ive never tried this, but the idea is if you guess right, you do a round ending crossup combo like jump short, cr lkx2 super, or flash kick.


CHRIST why is playin this character so frustrating?

So far I’ve lost to:

Dhalisms / Vega / T. Hawk.

God damn it.

nohoho, we gots to talk.


I prefer O Guile as well.


Who was using T.Hawk? Someone at TGA? I can’t find the results for that event…

w2z on Friday! (if that doesn’t go down I’m going to ctf) The Dhalsim fight (and O.Sagat) is really awful but Guile’s other tough match-ups like Vega and Blanka are very do-able. If Deathscythe makes it we’ll use his Vega as a guinea pig!


There’s a Kurahashi Guile vs. Vega match [media=youtube]7CB-xvL6BRI[/media]. T.Akiba knows what’s up.

A bunch more X-Mania 1 guile movies in that same account.