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Guile! Do’s and Don’ts

VS Boxer

DO spam sonic booms and c.mks to stuff and punish dashes.
DO advance safely towards opponent using and

VS Claw

DO use the tip of j.fp to stuff wall dives (if no charge for sommersault is available.)
DO pressure with and sonic booms.

DO NOT use c.fp as an anti-air. that shit sucks.


DO use OG Guile. Standing hk and backfist is no joke.


Whats the diff between o Guile and n Guile?


Wow, I thought I was the only one who like O.Guile.


Dont forget stand LK w/o holding it neutral!



Here’s the gist of T.Akiba’s Guile vs. Claw writeup.

Guile 3-7 Vega

  • Sliding is annoying
  • No air defense when he jumps a sonic [from close]
  • Difficult to okiseme

Pinned in the corner

  • Use flash kick vs. chip damage attempt [rolling claw]
  • Gamble flash kick vs. Izuna/Barcelona
  • When you predict a wall dive fake out, fierce sonic

Anti Slide Kick
Unless he’s right on top of you there’s no good way to stop the slide kick.
Gamble flash kick misses. Sonic trades unfavorably. Towards+medium kick sometimes works but you have to predict and Guile’s down on a trade.
[Far standing roundhouse works here and there, too.]
Keeping quiet and blocking is safest. At least it doesn’t do chip damage.

Also, after a blocked slide, sonic is not recommended. You’ll eat crouching strong. If he gets predictable with blocked slide -> crouching strong you can flash kick but don’t get carried away.

Bad range for Vega
Get into a more favorable position with jab sonics. Some breathing room. [half screen ish]

  • Counter the jump in with crouching roundhouse.
  • If he vertical jumps the sonic, use crouching forward. (Try to meet him in the air [w/ jump roundhouse or whatever] and you’ll eat his vertical jab)
  • If he blocks it, move back with back+medium kick and throw the next sonic.

[not explicit but I think this is all about ticks]

  • Very difficult to time safe jump in vs. Vega.
  • Doesn’t mean much since he’s got standing flip kick.
  • If he backflips you can’t throw him.
  • Even when you do get the throw he’ll tech hit.
    Risk reward stinks.

Ultimately, a blocked jab sonic might be best.
[fuck that, jump in and try to tick. Cross up short -> crouching jab -> throw
Or just crouching short x2 -> throw]


I heard that kurahashi was using occasional jump towards short to counter claw’s slide spam. Ive never tried this, but the idea is if you guess right, you do a round ending crossup combo like jump short, cr lkx2 super, or flash kick.


CHRIST why is playin this character so frustrating?

So far I’ve lost to:

Dhalisms / Vega / T. Hawk.

God damn it.

nohoho, we gots to talk.


I prefer O Guile as well.


Who was using T.Hawk? Someone at TGA? I can’t find the results for that event…

w2z on Friday! (if that doesn’t go down I’m going to ctf) The Dhalsim fight (and O.Sagat) is really awful but Guile’s other tough match-ups like Vega and Blanka are very do-able. If Deathscythe makes it we’ll use his Vega as a guinea pig!


There’s a Kurahashi Guile vs. Vega match [media=youtube]7CB-xvL6BRI[/media]. T.Akiba knows what’s up.

A bunch more X-Mania 1 guile movies in that same account.


Triple post, motherfuckers!

Muteki Guile recently took on the Master Chibi special: Tokido Claw and Gian Dhalsim. Link to video on ze blog.
a) CE Guile, not ST
b) that dude has crossed the line into some other universe of badassness.


Question, how do you do a pure cancel to guiles super. I have the x2 cr. jab to kara super, but i can’t do something like cr. mp xx super. Any advice will help.


Huh? How. You got jumping JABBED to death?


hey I know that there is kara-canceling in this game which I can’t seem to get I have read the forums and seen where someone mentioned it just button canceling or something like that. Can someone explain it in a little better detail and tell me if you can kara-cancel throws with guile like you can in 3rd strike.


You can’t Kara-Throw in this game because Throws aren’t a special command. They are just one button, so Capcom gave no kara ability to Throws.

Kara Cancels are Capcom’s way for easing up on special move input. So if you try to do a Fireball motion and hit Fierce ever too slightly early (right before reaching Towards on the controller), you’ll end up doing a Stand Fierce or a Crouch Fierce. Without Kara Canceling, that’s all you’d get: the Normal Move Fierce. With Kara Canceling in place, ALL Normal Moves can be canceled into a Special Move in their first few frames. That way, even though you hit Fierce ever so slightly early, you’ll finish the Fireball motion, the game will recognize you TRIED to do a Fireball, and (thanks partially to Negative Edge as well) the Normal Move Fierce will be canceled into a Fireball instead. It can happen so fast that the Normal Move Fierce isn’t even viewable ever. But it’s that little leeway they put in that makes doing Special Moves a whole lot easier (and accidentally gave birth to the Buffer Combos way back in WW SFII).

Knowing that has allowed for people to “cheat” the systems in ways and do combos that aren’t supposed to be allowable, particularly off of Rapid Fire Weak Attacks.


I am currently trying to get the timing right on doing the j. fierce -> cr. strong xx super. I keep getting a flash kick instead of the super. Btw, im using the charge b/d, f/d, u/b method of the super (i can do this consistandly (99/100 i will get it right) and i can kara it from the cr. jab x2).

This would be optimal for a corrnerd opponet if he got dizzied. I hope to be hearing from one of you soon.


Nice… I’ll have to try that with the b/d, f/d, u/b method…


what does O. Guile have over ST Guile?