Guile Thread

Yes I searched the forums, no I didn’t find a guile thread so I made one.

I play new and old guile whenever I play ST which right now is casually however I would like to know some good guile strats.

So far from what I get, the general jump in combos for Guile are

(charging down back during jump)
j.FP>(close)s.FP>Sonic Boom
j.FP>c.MP>Sonic Boom
j.FP>c.MP>Fierce Flash Kick

I don’t know any good ground combos besides c.MP to sonic boom so forgive me :sad:

Also is there a way to fire off sonic booms while still charging flash kicks? If there is can somebody tell me how to do it cause I suck.

No ! If it was possible, guile would be hella broken :confused: