Guile Tricks

I like to use Jab SB and dash c.Strong and C.Forward pressures. They work long rnage too since they can combo and after the c.Forward you can cancel into (lvl2) TWO xx RH flachkick ( which btw does more dmg if not equal dmg to any lvl 3 guile does )

Try getting the timing on this:

If you can land a lvl2 TWO on a grounded opponent cancel the 3rd hit into a Jab SB and since you get such a ncie recorvery you can do a c.LP, s.MP xx lvl1 Super.

One more tip: Never underestimate the RH hop kick and the back fist, these moves give lovely pressure potential.

You can COMBO a Sonic Hurricane off a counter hit far

Oh no wonder I can get it against players, but not in practice mode. Cool.

You can LINK it if it’s counter/meaty. The move is already +3, not meaty, not counter.

Yes, you can do it in training, just do it meaty after a knockdown.

A LINK is a COMBO. I didn’t say chain. And the move is +4 IIRC.

No shit! A link is a combo? So’s a cancel, but you won’t get that with Guile’s far standing roundhouse.

Sometimes it’s a good idea to use a specific term instead of a general one, that way there’s no confusion. You should try it someday.

edit: revising some frame data here and Guile’s roundhouse is +4 with 6 hitting frames. I’d like to mention that his crouching fierce is -3 with an incredible 16 hitting frames. That’s up to +13, meaty. Hmmm, charging, meaty crouching fierce, crouching forward xx sonic hurricane = damage. Crouching forward hits on frame 8, so this is a potential 6 frame link. If your opponent gives up a counter hit, it becomes nearly impossible to miss.

Crouching forward is not something you just throw out and if it hits, cancel into sonic hurricane. But start with the meaty cr. fierce, and now you have plenty of time to link/react.

I’m sorry I confused you:( .

You didn’t confuse me, just yourself. Go find out what chain and combo mean, then come back and talk.


Old news, but some may not know… you can start charging before the match starts and do a charge move right off the bat.

may suprise…

hehehe like when you do a SH RIGHT AWAY!! it maybe works i dunno ONCE EVER for me.

Anyways good thing to do with Guile is Zone with his SB that way it is easier to predict the opponents movements.

I was playing around with guile and was looking for some more damaging ways to land supers than the conventional stuff.

  1. Corner opponent, throw with kick, hop forward, c. fp(really meaty), c. mk xx SH. 14 hitter.
    The trick here is to wait about 4-5 frames after you hop forward before pressing fierce. And also to press mk earlier than you would think. After all, you just shaved 15 frames off the fp link, it’s more like linking after a strong punch now(even faster actually).

  2. 2/3 - 3/4 screen away, opponent very near to the corner. This should only be done on a dizzy opponent. Jab sonic boom, superjump as early as you can, then deep fierce, close s. fp xx lvl 1 opening gambit, juggle with lvl 2 sumersault justice xx sumersault. After the last hit, you will end up in the corner and shoot the opponent the other way.

You can always try 2/3 screen jab sonic boom, superjump, deep fierce, s. fp xx sonic hurricane. But to tell you the truth, lvl 3 sumersault justice does more damage than sonic hurricane on a standing opponent. Juggled, justice should still be better.

About the sj, sonic hurricane combo, I think the one Maj does is something like this. Jab sonic, sj. fp,, sonic boom, link hurricane. That’s not right, but it could be idk… But the reason you have to link the hurricane rather than cancel is because it gives just enough time for the charge. It’s super impractical, but good to know anyway.