Guile ultra baiting

Recently signed up to shoryuken after trawling through the forums for awhile and seeing what a strong a helpful online community exists, so ive been reading around an ive seen alot of threads on how to execute guiles ultra combo and ways to use it ie. focus attack dash ultra etc.

im more interested in ways of baiting the opponent into an easy setup im sure some of the more experienced guile users would have a few methods that at very least would catch out the occasional scrub like myself :stuck_out_tongue:


If you can bait out an opponent’s ultra it’ll give you an opportunity.

-whiffed shoryukens
-you can ultra immediately after opponent’s ultra’s starting animation ends if you’re close
-juggle it after catching someone at the top of their jump with a light kick flash kick
-juggles off the light kick double flash
-although very difficult, you can focus attack dash cancel-ultra through a projectile or normal

I bait Blanka’s by standing over him while he’s prone and walking back as he wakes up. Duck after a few steps back and catch him with the explosion after the bounce back.

Chun Li is another easy one. Light punch booms at full screen. Isn’t always safe though. I’ll walk back and forth and mix it up with booms and eventually they’ll do it on instict. Catch the counter at the end of her ultra during her backflip.

You can catch Akuma on his demon throw. They can’t resist doing it, even if they’re winning the fireball war. down back charge booms and be patient.

In the arcade I like using it to catch close projectile pressure, especially on wake-up. It works great on a rushing Rog too.

Online those are both iffy.

Ryus that go tastu crazy over booms.

Some Seths love to sonic boom and wall jump.

Cammy’s spiral arrow(this depends on the player though, some scare the hell out of me.) I prefer flash to double flash when I have super.

Balrog across screen doing an ex dash attack through a boom.(FA crumple to ultra)

Honda I fa the butt smash and ultra.

These are a few that I do. There are players out there with a hell of a mix up game and those ones you pray to god for a wiff.

Good post man. I can’t wait to hear what other Guiles do to get some ultra in.

excellent :slight_smile: few ideas i hadnt thought of yet, gonna jump online this evening an give it a crack
thanks for your input

you can get balrog after a blocked headbutt if you do it quickly

With super meter+Ultra meter on Guile against Rog…

If Rog does a regular straight dash punch, you can mk+super into ultra, since the super has faster startup frames than dash punches recovery.

hmm, i think it has to be a lk super if they do a jab straight lamerboi. The wiki says jab straight is -3 on block, and mk super is 1+3 start up.

Well, I always use mk super against Crackfiend, never failed =X and it has been used in my previous tourneys as well :stuck_out_tongue:

Setting up your opponent for an Ultra with Guile is really hit and miss and depends a lot on your opponent.

That being said, I had an idea for a stupid Ultra gimmick with Guile., FADC (forward), Ultra

Definitely won’t work against better opponents because once they see the from Guile, they’ll be mashing out something, and that something will beat the dash forward. However, if you notice your opponent consistenly SRK’ing in between the, maybe you can FADC backwards, make them whiff the SRK, and you punish with Ultra (I don’t know if you’ll have the db charge though).

Medium kick double flash to Ultra at close range through a fireball or lariat.