Guile Vs Bison

Sorry I have been missing out on the threads and posts. I have been too inactive on the boards lately due to a busy schedule. Things have calmed down now, but hopefully that changes soon. I would have posted this in the Character Select Fan art started by Chainwhore, but I don’t think Guile is part of the Alpha series. So enjoy for now. I should be back participating more often. Peace

love it. guile’s left hand should be tilted to the left more.

This is excellent! You gonna color it?

Great poses and concept!

I like the “widescreen” boarders very nice!

I like it… even though you’ve gone with the CFJ style of Guile’s hair >:P
I think Bison is too far in the bg though. There’s no sense of urgency because of that.

Looks excellent, but yeah - guile’s left hand appears to be out of place.

Deserves some coloring too…

If he used the clouds properly and gave them a swirling ripple effect it would definately look more menacing. As it is now, they’re sorta lamely thrown in as an afterthought. No perspective at all.

Guile’s stance is also pretty boring. He could be bracing himself with his arms stretched way back as though he’s beginning the move, rather than at an odd point in the process of it.

The ears are also way too low on his head, and he has no shoulder blades.