Guile vs blanka help

I suck at this matchup, i’m guile, i’m baffled, what should i watch for?

Crossups, random slides, and always connect your Sonic Booms so they don’t get a RC Blanka Ball going through them. Do st. RH to beat late cr. fierces from Blanka.

which angles should i use his anti airs?

Well, with Guile you should always have a charge during most of the match. So if they jump in, do cr. fierce, or RC Sonic Boom, or Somersault. If they try to crossup, do charge down xx up+back + kick. Thats an anti crossup somersault.

or do rc blade kick when they try to cross u up with blanka after your knocked down

i don’t think it needs to be rc’ed. i’m not sure but i think you can’t beat out a flash kick with a cross up.