Guile vs Dhalsim matchup

I’ve read on other topics and haven’t gotten much of an idea on how to beat dhalsim… I’ll list some things for examples

  1. Dhalsim’s fireball game will slowly but surely beat guile’s booms overtime

  2. Dhalsim could get an early life lead by instant overhead (jump back fp), then plays keep away and it’s ridiculously hard to get in without taking much risks/ex booms

  3. Nothing much Guile could do against Dhalsim’s ultra setups while waking up besides blocking and praying not to get hit.

I just want to QQ during this matchup, because whenever I want to rush down dhalsim, it takes so much effort to close-in =( Usually I’m trying to rush is because he has life lead and timer is running out >.<

Any tips would be appreciated…Ooo and all I know is that once you corner Dhalsim with Guile, you have some leverage, but once he teleports out, it’s gonna be another long chase…

Not sure how his fireballs will beat out guile’s, charge buffering and proper EX boom usage should push his fireballs back.

Definitely a tough matchup with patience required, some of his setups seem pretty awesome too (fireball followed by teleporting so you’re being hit from 2 angles).

I guess I’ve been fighting filipino champ and within a certain range, he’ll toss a slow fireball out and walk up forward, and if his Sim is within range, he’ll push me back with standing FP to push me towards the corner… and also builds up his meter much quicker than Guile giving him further advantage for spacing. Jumping is impossible lol, ground games I guess just start blocking fireballs if I can’t match up with my sonic booms? lol =(

I just try and build up meter by matching boom for fire. Sometimes I’ll catch him with exSB and then just sit on that lead. And if he teleports just standing block or close standing FP. Worked out well for me so far. Chasing down a good sim is always going to be trouble no matter which character you’re using.

I just want to know what normal to use when 'sim teleports behind you to stuff his attempts.

I’ve done c.HP, st.lp, to beat out his teleport attempts, I believe Guile has a lot of priorities against sim teleporting in front/behind you. Either expect the teleport coming at you, or have good reflexes and you’ll be fine. Just gotta hate it when he ex fireballs though >.< or Ultra—>teleport -> combo-yoga flame, then combo into super !!! The burning!

were you able to beat champ? I played him using Guile and I got destroyed. At most I was able to beat him 1 round, but the rest of the rounds weren’t even close.

Sweep is pretty sick in this match, you can sweep a lot of sim’s pokes from like full screen for a knockdown.

I like to mix in meaty sweeps on sims that DO NOT have super stocked, if they back dash or mess up option select, or throw, sweep will win. (if they wake up back dash they will be invulnerable to the first sweep but the second sweep will catch them during the recovery = 140 damage + knockdown)

EDIT: For the record i think this is a very tough match for guile

As a long term Dhalsim player, I would like to give some insight on this match. Really feels strange giving anti-Dhalsim tips, but I don’t like Sim in SFIV.

You should NEVER approach Sim EVER.  Thow sonic booms from full screen away.   He can't tower safely through sonic booms, so most Sim won't attempt it.

You can flashkick his limbs. It’s still a guess when he jumps. He’ll either jump teleport, or he’ll jump FP. Sim will rarely do anything beyond that in the air.

Only approach him after he is knocked down. If you FA his limbs, only backdash FA, never backdash forward.

Watch his animation, if he ducks down, ex sonic boom accordingly.

You should stick to light and medium sonic booms.  Most Sims may try to IAT behind Guile, be ready to punish in case they do.  Sonic booms are great in baiting IAT attempts.

Overall you will need to just turtle this entire match. Look for your opportunities to close space when you can. Hit him and try to keep engaging a projectile war. This matchup is probably one of the most boring in the game. Guile has a bunch of defensive options here, but no offensive ones unfortuntately.

Guile’s jump-in jab is probably the better jump in against Sim. It usually beats his b.HK cleanly. Be careful, if sim sees you doing it, he’ll go for an anti-air slide, which can start some pretty deadly guessing games, or even allow him to reset the distance.

If you happen to get him in the corner, don’t relent. As a Sim player, I can tell you it’s not the place he wants to be against any character. Less experienced Sims will try to teleport out of the corner, but you can anticipate it and throw him back in it.

chase him down and fuck him in the ass (no homo)
smart rushdown
force him to jump and it becomes a guessing game in your favor (if you can manage to be underneath sim when he jumps, he either teleports or does some move that you can smack him / or air throw him)
could be 6/4 Sim but still winnable
not that hard if played wisely (keyterm WISELY)


i wouldnt be TOO concerned with this matchup
since ive got good word that SF4 Dash is coming out by winter
and plays TOTALLY different from SF4

youve all be warned

As a sim player Guile is actually one of few characters that is hard to beat because his fb recovery is soo good. Any smart sim will never IAT thats a free uppercut to the face. Anybody that can walk with their fireball is a dangerous opponent to sim. Empty jump in or max distance j.HK will stuff sim’s b.HK and once sim is in a corner sim has almost no way to get out. Meaty fireball so he can’t do anything and keep mixing up throw/combo and sim will die easily.

If you watch videos Guile vs Sim’s all the Guiles are turtling resulting to defeat ( You can’t out-turtle sim). You have to wait for the right jump in and its over for sim.

Guile can actually keep up vs Sim’s fb since its so slow to travel and fierce is just to short.

My friend has no problem beating me with his guile but if he picks a shoto he has alot more problem.

Another thing I get annoyed with the most is when FilipinoChamp’s Sim starts sliding underneath my sonic booms and I don’t know any punishes against it, and I do get hit by them a lot…but even if I’m expecting it, I have no idea what to do =( Any help would be appreciated, and thanks for everyone’s input so far =D

jab sonic boom and walk with it. If he jumps near the fb air throw him and if you anticipate slide block and punish.

Hell I don’t even know if its possible to medium slide under a jab sonic boom since its so slow. You shouldn’t let him heavy slide and its easily punishable

Care to elaborate at all on that :lovin: ?

u r fuson rite?

u got insider news about SF4 Dash?

be patient
thats all i can say by years end

More info/link plz!
I’ll buy u some mo’ Smoke Skittles!! :lovin:

no wai it could be out this holiday season~

to keep something that hype hidden would be impossible

no information has been announced about sf4 dash to my knowledge

anyways, i hope your right :slight_smile:

I lol’d.

I personally play the matchup pretty turtley though until I score a knockdown. I don’t really have much trouble with sims. I personally don’t think rushing down is the best choice due to his awesome AA game.

The slide however does become a big problem if they start using. Any sim that does not utilize slide is an easy win for guile. It’s painfully easy to win this match on a non-sliding sim solely by:

  1. Only booming when out of his s.hp range.
  2. When in his s.hp range to only boom when he fires
  3. Only using jab boom to punish any IAT attempts with s.hp
  4. If you punish an IAT with your s.hp, rush down as long as you can with a good mix of overhead, throws, FA’s, and neutral jumping. Without super or ultra he doesn’t have a good reversal.
  5. Occaisionally EX booming through a normal fireball.

Following those 5 rules by the book, in my experience, will beat 90% of the sims out there. When they start sliding though, this changes the equation a bit since they will almost always be in s.hp range and, more importantly, instant jump back j.hp range. But just sticking to your guns and following those same rules in this scenario is still the best case. You can still react to the jb.hp and generally block high when in doubt. If he slides any closer you will probably be in or near range to use your s.hp to push him back out.

It is a VERY boring fight though when played this way. Luckily for me, I like stretching out my boring playstyle as long as it inflicts suffering on some biznatches. gang sign


Your seriously going to leave us hanging like that?