Guile x Rufus Match Up Practice!



Hey there. I’m a fellow Rufus main who seconds Guile and I play on the PSN. I enjoy playing as Rufus but for match-ups like Zangief, Fei-Long, Sagat, and occasionally Bison I use Guile. However there’s a problem: I can’t fight my own main well with my secondary!

I hate Rufus mirrors and I learned Guile because it’d be interesting to play a risky defensive character. So in essence: I need help understanding the Guile x Rufus match-up by using said character.

If there’s any Rufus players on the PSN who can help me practice. Just let me know and we can arrange a session on EB.

PSN: Yukito-chan

Hope to hear from any of you.


I love this matchup for rufus and enjoy it. Hit me up on PSN Haduken3. I’m on quite a bit but if there is a time thats good for you let me know.


lol you must be the sickest human being alive if you love this matchup…