What are you guys thoughts on Guile?

fun to play with.

i love to use this char. esp his flash kick and his sonic boom

Yeah he’s pretty impressive to play with.

I’ve compared Charlie and Guile with their attacks and they’re basically the same. To me Charlie feels a little bit slower than Guile but has the same attack damage as Guile, weird to me. Anyways, Guile is basically the only character I play with…pure awesomeness.

you sure? I thought charlie was faster than guile…

Guile’s AAA is better…Charlie’s will whiff vs a lot of crouching chartacters, standing Megaman, etc. Guile has a really good jumping/SJ Roundhouse with good priority, it’s like crazy Storm j.FP priority, and can cross up IIRC. Guile has an air flash kick…super jump xx ASAP flash kick ->ambigious crossup sj.Roundhouse is hard for some characters to get past, seeing as how you can easily just air block on the way down. Also, Guile can build meter pretty fast by doing SJ d+(?)FP, whereas Charlie can’t. Guile can link into sonic boom super much eaiser.

If you want to know Charlie’s plusses, he DOES have his own forum in the character specific section.

I love his lp sonic boom (same with Charlie’s) in lower tier play. I just love slow projectiles that you can follow up for a nice little pressure/barrier, and no assist punishing >_>