Is there really anything that can be done about a turtling guile?


Not really. You should try and put him in the corner and play a bit of the fireball game for meter and if you can read their sonicboom patterns, go for hk tatsu/ex tatsu’s.

We have a matchup thread, would better to post there instead.


Just keep patient vs Guile, the main goal is to drive him to the corner and keep him cornered and I see this bad habit often with Sakuras where they do a really obvious crossup in the corner and let Guile out for free (I’m guilty of this myself), just keep him trapped in the corner, there isn’t much he can do.

As mentioned above, you can play a little fireball game to neutralize his booms and build a bit of meter, focus is your friend to build some ultra bar, be wary of his ex sonic booms and the most important thing is to keep calm and not jump recklessly. Just keep the mentality in your head that you could potentially end the round in one momentum, so don’t get frustrated at the differences in life lead or how good he is zoning you.

On his wakeup, he has very little options, do a j.hp on his wakeup to aim at his head and his flash kick will whiff and you get a huge punish.

I wouldn’t recommend doing hk tatsus through the booms since it will never punish a boom on reaction and you’re putting yourself at -2 and you’re gonna be pushed out anyway. It would be just better to walk in that gap to close it.

I think Guile is one of if not Sakura’s worst matchup, I know this matchup is extremely frustrating and you’ll feel like you can’t do anything, it’s all about being calm and slowly make your way in and corner him, or just counterpick :stuck_out_tongue:


About the HK tatsus; They do punish booms but only close, like 2 or so characters away. I guess it’s one of those things to keep in mind but are rarely useful; like how you can use EX Otoshi if you’re sure they’re gonna throw a sonicboom…

But yeah listen to Fergus, he knows what he’s on about!


seems like anyone with a decent fireball and uppercut can keep sakura out pretty easily, kinda frustrating, but thx for the advise. ;]


Not true. Dan has a fireball and upper cut and he can’t keep Sakura out.

Sakura’s offense is ridiculously good! People don’t have a choice but to zone her. Once they’re within Sakura’s range, things tend to go downhill from there.
Plus, those who zone Sakura always end up cornering themselves rather quickly. So, once they’re in the corner, there’s nothing they can do but get raped.


He said decent fireball. I don’t even know if you can call Dan’s fireball a fireball, it’s more like an extension of his fist.


I wouldn’t call ChunLi’s fireball decent either.


It’s not decent but at least it moves somewhere across the screen and can be used to control space effectively. Sakura’s and Rose’s fireball have horrible recovery, but at least they have a purpose, what does Dan’s do? Honestly, aside from EX, I can’t think of many applications to that fireball.


Chun’s fireball is really good. Good recovery, builds good meter, and you can vary the speed in a somewhat useful way. All charge fireballs are really good, imo.

Dan’s fireball is used kinda like a ghetto Sim limb or Sak far RH. Think of it as a long range poke with decent damage, amazing priority, and ass recovery.


Its not a good poke either, comes out too slow…