hey guys… haven’t posted in a long while.

here’s a guile drawing…me and a friend were gawking at the SF4 models and i got inspired. C&C very welcomed.

VERY NICE!!! loving it. any plans on color?

Something wrong with the shoulders…legs look odd too.
I like his face though ^^

just flats so far. hope you don’t mind

thanks for the feedback you guys. seantree, i don’t now if i’ll be coloring it… i think i’ll decide after i make some revisions to things that lonewolf pointed out.

wombat, i dont mind at all. flats look promising!


That’s dope. Good shit you two.

Looks like he just threw a homing sonic boom and is waiting for it to connect. LoL.

**Sweet work on the pose and musclar build. 9.5/10 **

You have serious skills. I have a personal problem with any Guile picture that makes him look like an old man. He should only look about 30 to 35 at the oldest in my opinion. So I guess my critque would be that he needs to look more serious, but without the frown, and have a little more youth.

Not sure what he is doing with his hands either.


i think it looks good. legs and shoulders look fine imo. the only thing that looks weird is his right hand. seems too short or something.

hahah jazz hands. mercy me… it does look like that doesn’t it. i don’t know what i was trying to do with the hands really. it started off as 2 loose fists… but i had a hard time showing his fist in tight guard without losing it’s silloutte. then it became like a bobbing/weaving/parrying gesture…but i guess that didn’t read either.

i think Sasmasta describes it best…he’s waiting for a homing sonic boom to hit. hahaha. i’ll fix that right hand… i definitely see the shortness of that palm now.

thanks for the input!

Great job there! Great pose, only gripe for me is the size of the hands-- SF men just get XXL paws by default.

kaneluv: whats the art in your av from? that style looks really interesting.

This guile looks mad serious.