Guile's best grooves

I heard he was in K, but then Daigo came along with c-groove.
so i would like to know guiles best to worst grooves are.

If you ask me, best to worst for Guile is;


wow, i really hope you’re joking.


C is his best groove. Anyone who thinks otherwise has yet to see a true C-Guile.

After that, it depends on if you are using Guile as a battery or a main character on your team. If he is going to be a battery, A is fine - Aojiru uses him all the time… got to top 8 at SBO with him, gets win streaks all the time in Shinjuku, etc. This is because his defense is SO good that he doesn’t need to use his meter, but charges meter through solid GC and zoning patterns. A is much like C without meter. Guile needs RCs to be top tier, and A offers that. He also doesn’t benefit much from run, being a charge character - running low jab pressure games offers ONE mixup (throw).

The only other groove that gives Guile RCs is N… so what you have to decide is are you going to be using your meter with Guile. If so, N gives him a level 3… however, you can’t sit on it (which automatically makes C better because Guile is a defensive character and needs to sit behind a good defense).

I don’t see K-Guile as being that good because of the rage timer. You can JD into level 3, but then again so can any other K character. Low jump may be good, but it’s not necessary since Guile’s more of a defensive character anyway. Being a defensive character takes away from the threat of damage increase in K also.

I’d rate P higher than K simply because of the ability to sit on lvl 3. In all other respects, he’s not that much different… but that difference is BIG.

S is S. Once again, he has a timer for his lvl 3 (and only has it if he gets his ass kicked), has a pretty meaningless run, and no RCs.

so, I guess I’m saying

C (without question)
A/N depending on the team

with RCs and “sit-there lvl 3” being the determining factors between grooves.

thanx guys u really helped

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Just use C and zone that shit


No doubt!

That shit rocks if used properly!