Guiles going to Evo?

Don’t know if it’s too early to make a thread. But Evo is upon us. What Guiles will be there representing this year?

I’m going this year (my first ever Evo) and I registered under the name Marion Barry. If I’m lucky enough to make it to the stream, look for that name :smiley:

  Anyone else planning on going to Evo?

Good luck man, can’t say I get to go as well because I’m only 14 >_> but I hope you represent Guile nation and do well

I’ll be there, but only as a spectator. Good luck dude.

if daigo runs into vangief, i got a gut feeling he’ll bust out his guile.

i honestly think daigo will only run into trouble from PoongKO other than that he’ll just win the money again

mentality like that is exactly why we are not going to win evo

Im going. Don’t forget about our money match Di3mini0n.

good luck to all of you. would be great to see one of you in the top eight or further.

If I run into you, would you mind autographing my Madcatz TE stick? XD

…no homo

I’ll be repping guile at evo. Id should be dlimit

I’m going to EVO!! And no I have not forgotten about our money match Dagger_G Sagat vs Guile Ft 7 and anyone other Guile that wants to play my Sagat in desired set or Guile mirror or anything.

Hope somebody tapes these

lol, I had a dream. it was about a new co-worker that had arrived from NY, his name Dieminion. lol too much SSF4 lately sry , it is evo time.

Emp. Dieminion!!! root for him for not ditching his main.

Guile players in pools

anybody else? (Dagger I don’t know your last name so couldn’t find it)

Dieminion - 13
Warahk - 39
Lamerboi - 46
GIlley - 3
Jazz - 44

Does any other Guile player have 2 japs in their opening pools?? I guess the fact that I’m no.6 seed doesn’t mean anything…

Fuudo’s playing fei long, who’s the other jap in your pool?

No Japanese players in my pool that I can see.

He’s not shown, but I also have Eita in my pool. I officially have the hardest first 16 pool. Good Luck to all Guile’s @ EVO.