Guile's hair

This drawing is coming out fine, and I’m going to use it to pretty up my joystick, but I have never thought about how to do the top of guile’s hair before. This is the first time i’ve ever taken a go at drawing guile and the top of the hair is baffling me a bit haha. any tips?

I’m not to sure but maybe you can have loads of dots at the top of his hair to represent the hair strands but don’t make it to obvious that you just put loads of dots on it because it’ll look dodgy.

Plus take a look at this picture i think its pretty cool.

forget that it’s hair. The designer pretty much put a deformed cone on his head, draw a cone with the correct ellipse, because I sure as hell know that’s not right… the minor axis should be sightly smaller I think. Then curve the slopes like his hair should be.

Adding on fnshr’s suggestion about hair strands, use a colours that’s fairly similar to the hair on top, but in clude a couple strands that are the same colour as the shaded side of his hair.

also the perspective of his eyes are off, they are on a different grid than the rest of the drawing. By grid I meant the plane it’s sitting on.

If you haven’t already, first flip the painting horizontally.

The angle at which we see guile’s face and body are from a lower point of view. The hair is currently seen at a higher angle. As a result it’s taking on more a hair angle that Adon has. Take the cross contour you’ve draw for the top of the hair and continue to find them down the face. You’ll see what I mean then…

on top of that , guile’s head is tiny. i recommend fixing proportions before doing anything else, because no matter how well something is coloured and stuff, the structure never changes, and improper proportions will always eat you alive.

Wow that pic is really fucking good

thanks for the responses, i think im going the right way with the hair, and everything got its own group so i can adjust the hair and face easily. Ill see what i can do, once again thanks for the input.

dont forget the skull needs to be bigger. the colours are nice, but overall everything is too exaggerated, the contrast is hella high, unless that was what you were going for.

I made the head a little bit larger, and left the contrast alone because the effect ended up being nicer that way. thanks for all the advice, guys.

why not put guile on the left, where there won’t be buttons? or are you doing clear seismitsu’s?

his eyes are still messed up…