Guile's Kara Throw?

So I was messing around in the training room and I did…

M. Punch + Grab and I noticed guile moved foward like Vega does on his Kara throw coincidence or true?

In deed that can be used as a kara throw. However, this is only for FAR Once you get close enough, Guile does the hook instead of the… cross (or the funny looking punch) and you don’t get the kara anymore since he doesn’t step forward.

being at the ‘far’ distance get you in close enough to grab though ?

No, even at the ‘far’ distance the kara throw will not connect.

One thing you can try is in to try the kara throw in training mode. After you start “teleporting” close enough to the dummy, you won’t move forward anymore, which renders the “kara throw” useless.

I think I found one time that his spinning hard knuckle karas, but it’s not much added range. (forward + fierce)

I was playing around with it this morning and I found that you aren’t really kara throwing. What it seems like is your “kara” is coming from the backfist’s forward command requirement. So no, f.hp is not actually a kara throw.