Guiles of PSN

So I picked up my copy of sf4 the day it came out and I’ve been pretty much addicted to it.
Any guile mains on psn? We can work on some strats/ditto matches/matchups.

Me. I’ll spar with ya sometime. Add me and mention srk guile. :rock:

same here, im always up for some sparring

If I’m on, I’m always down for matches… PSN name is the same as my forum name.

So Dazengie, who’s the best Guile you’ve played so far?

i got my ass kicked by luxx… it’s a lesson learned.

psn - therealj …main Guile

i am trying to main guile as well. my psn is deedogg20

Ill spar with you anytime. Just say srk guile and im down.

Play me please. I think I’ve only come across 1 other Guile the entire time I’ve been playing online.

PSN: Onegai_James

Ill play against you or any other guile. Its fun to see how other guiles play

PSN: Bloodninja0106

Lux is best guile i ever played on PSN

Lux is incredible, damn. Had intense matches, and he came out the victor in all of them. Whooped my Guile 10-0. Awesome games, man, I want to level up my Guile and fight you again :p. Absolutely beastly, saw through all of my shenanigans. I have to learn how to link that combo like he does, and FADC in the heat of battle like he does. Great fighting you, will play again.

Text does not do his awesomeness justice.

Thanks for all the praise brothuh but you failed to mention how close some of those rounds were! I think when you implement his BnB chains that I was pulling up close your game will be a lot closer to being complete. Excellent games! I look forward to our next session.

Hey Lux, I’m going to add you when I get home tonight, I’ll mention SRK in the invite. My guile definitely needs some work. I know bp doesn’t tell the whole story, but out of curiosity, what’s your bp at?

Ima add you, BlitzJS, for some mirror matches if you dont mind. I also need work with guile. my bp is 0 since i dont play rank. btw, Lux’s guile is sick. very sick.

pnutz409. I’m trying to get good with Guile. He is my main but after a beatdown from one of the other SRK members, I’m beginning to realize how bad I am at SF4. THANKS NING YOU’VE DESTROYED MY WILL TO LIVE! heh

are u referring to a ning726? an abel player? this dude is scary, but i have trouble with all abels.

That’s when I switch to Gief/Blanka. =X!

I stopped playing rank after reachin 4500. One night I had droppers in 6 out of 7 games…the 1 guy that didn’t drop beat me so I said Fuck ranked. lol Batmannn has the best guile I’ve fought against and he’s at 0.

I feel your pain, there’s a lot of things wrong with ranked battles but I can’t believe they didn’t think people would disconnect before taking a loss…

I sent you an invite, hope to battle you sometime soon. I’m only around 2800 bp but hopefully I won’t bore you too much :rofl:

Batmann, I also accepted your invite, I need all the practice I can get.