Guiles of PSN

batmann I’m going to add you either today maybe or tomorrow to get some matches in if the connection as long as that’s okay with you?

that’s koo, killa sasa. the more the merrier, lol.

man… i need to learn to pull off fadc on the run… it’s a pain to have to hit both my triggers at the same time… that’s how my controller’s set up… and then dash out of it too!

square - jab
triangle - fierce
x - short
circle - roundhouse
L1 - strong
R1 - forward
L2 - 3K
R - 3P

PSN Avihs
Main: Guile / sadly.

Hi Guile is my Main, PSN xlsvtecx.
Hit me up if n e one wants to go some rounds =)

Cot damn… had some absolutely HORRENDOUS showings against batmannnn (who has an extremely technical Guile by the way) just now. I don’t know if it’s cuz it’s too late here (3:30A), I’m in a funk, or learning Cammy is getting in the way, but he ANNIHILATED me.

We gotta play again tomorrow during the day man. Throw those matches out, I haven’t been that awful for about a year :rofl: You caught onto my strings pretty quick too. Gotta remember that I can’t really trick Guile players since they know him pretty well, hehe.

ggs killa sasa. that was prolly just a warmup or an off day for ya, i can tell that ur guile isnt just a run of the mill guile. anyways, our matches were pretty close and fought most of our matches down to the wire. i was kinda tired when i fought ya (it was also 3:30am), hopefully i’ll play better when we fight next time. good stuff tho, we guiles need to level up :tup:

haha yeah I’m referring to that Ning. He destroyed Gief too!! He told me almost everything gief can do on wake up gets beat out by abel’s command throw. I learned that after I got knocked down and could never get back up hahaha

I really have to re-learn guile because I cr. rh way too much. I get countered now. It used to get all the newer players that didnt realize the 2nd kick was coming but the vets FA me after the first. Then it’s downhill from there. hehe I pray my t5 stick comes in sometime this week so I can get out of this 2k funk

A jump on wakeup beats Abel’s command throw. Then you have your own crossup splash -> followup. You can normally get away with it as long as you don’t see a crossup coming.

Sasa: Batmannn’s guile is nice huh? I remember us going back n forth and I managed to come out ahead by 1 measily win. Who know’s what would happen next time! :rofl:

Batmannn: I still want to play against you with chars other than Guile. Everyone but our main!

hey everyone, just registered on this forum and its very nice to see such a large gathering of Guile players online. Just got SF IV two days ago and have been enjoying fighting as Guile :slight_smile:

Anyways, my PSN ID is : Miwo84

hope to play some of you and improve my Guile skills. Ive been having the most trouble against blanca/Mbison. Basically any really fast moving unpredicatble character :o

wow, just played against Lux and absolutely got destroyed 11-0 :smokin: :smokin: :smokin:. Thanks for the matches, you are by far the best player i have played so far online. How you link those combos are just sick, and I got pummeled to hell in the corners. Everytime i thought I was going to airthrow you, I was the one that ended up being thrown XD

I have tons of stuff I need to learn, using the focus, stop being so predictable, and pulling off combos consistently like that. For starters, whats a good tip for Guile once you’ve been knocked down and the opponent is right in front of you? Everytime i tried flash kicking when i got back up, i completely whiffed, same with the trip attack

Of course, but i’m not good with other chars yet, lol. the only other char ive played with is Fei Long. I did play Abel for a bit because i was trying to figure out his moves since he was giving me issues. we’ll see how we do with our secondary characters :razzy:

I would suggest that you try to go to the “sf4 ps3 matchmaking” thread under the playstation network forum to fight other good people too. But the best Guile i’ve fought on psn is Lux tho, so yea, he’s awesome guile practice.

Wakeup moves in general are normally bad to use because most good players will bait it or cross you up. To top it off, Guile doesn’t even have any decent wakeup options anyway, so it’s normally best just to block. If the situation permits…say someone blindly jumps in on you, you could FK or FA -> backstep but no one good will give you that option. Couple things I noticed was the abuse of cr. RH which will get you in trouble man. Pretty much any ultra/special in the game can interrupt the 2nd hit so use it sparingly or FA cancel out unless it’s guaranteed. Also…install your game! lol

Anything else I or any of us can help you out with just let us know.

guiles not my main, but i really want to learn to get better with him

my psn tag is on the left so just add me if anyone wants to spar

Hey everyone. even though i started this thread, i took a short break from guile to work on my viper. and yeah, lux is the best guile ive played.

i’m interested in some sparring with someone really good if possible. Every time i get to fight someone awesome they leave before i can learn anything (possibly because i bore them?).

i’m also a victim of using c.rh too much, mainly because c.forward is not nearly as good as it was in ST. trying to change that though.

anyways i have around 3k bp and also use bison and balrog.

I’m on PSN, I’ve been a casual SF fan for years but never have been hardcore. Looking to learn and get better with Guile. I’ll ve adding some guys from this thread, hit me up whenever.

Put me on this list :slight_smile:

im interested in learning guile…any help would be appreciated.:wgrin:
my psn is grimlock282

Not sure if I put my PsN Id on the list but it’s here.