Guiles sonicbooms recovers too fast?

during the 5v5 match, dagger g vs arturo, arturo did the ultra a sec later dagger did the sonic boom but he was able to block it, and one of the commentators, triforce said guiles sonic boom recovers too fast and should have slower recovery. what do you guys think about that statement?


It’s always been like that with Guile. It’s not broken or something anyway. It’s Sagat’s projectile that needs slower recovery.

Guile’s recovery is too fast, he just has too many options and weapons in this revision. I think they should take one of his legs and perhaps some fingers to balance him out.


I think triforce should main Guile in all tourneys.

And nerf his FK.

If you nerfed it any more, it would just be him standing there yelling ‘Somersault!’

Too fast. His ability to sit there all round and wait for you to make a move is pretty ridiculous too. Guile is the REAL God-tier, didn’t know this was Championship Edition…

“Omg make it even easier to win! 10 nerfs aren’t enough…i’m still losing life”

Nah it’s fine, i really hope they don’t change it.



At least it would give Sagat a fighting chance.:wink:

Guile need to charge for his sonic boom is compensated by low recovery time, imo.

Guile doesn’t need to change. Everybody else who’s higher up in the ‘tier’ needs to be nerfed.

lol i hate this match though it sucks!

Guile needs more weapons in his arsenal, like the sonic hurricane, not to decrease him! Dagger G did a solid job showcasing Guiles awesome normals, so did Gilley, but all Guile players know he is missing that little extra that will send him top tier.

I’m voting for the sonic hurricane in SF4-Dash or a better ultra at least, c’mon capcom, fix this guy back to how he was.

At what level are you playing at?!

that guile ultra is the pits.
his ex sonic booms are awesome though.
his ultra should be a 300 damage version of the ex sonic boom!

While on the subject of sonic booms… I swear I just had a match and Ryu (at the very other edge of the screen) BACKDASHED straight through my ex boom clean. Anyone ever seen that craziness happen before? (I won anyways, but still… =)

I Just had to see what was in this thread because the title impregnated my being with undeniable rage. Nice to see people know better, but I would like to bring up a random rant. All strength booms need to have the recovery of the jab boom. I just find more and more that I use the other strength of booms less and less and strictly use jab version for the safety and fast recovery. The recovery on EX boom especially could use a bit of help. Your spending meter to make it fast and do 50 more damage… it doesn’t need a long recovery to “balance” anything about it. Ryu’s EX fireball recovers faster than his others, does more damage, is faster, doesn’t have a charge requirement, knocks down, AND combos into ultra.