Guilty Gear AC at Evo X: What can we do to make it happen

First off let me state that I completely understand SRKs position on GG for the next upcoming EVO X. What I wish to do is help show reasoning why GG should be at EVO, and also create more reasons to convince the staff of this, through whatever honest means possible.

Well as of right now nothing much has been written into stone correct? At this point we really need to figure out what it takes for us (The GG community) to get GG at EVO X. I would like to bring up a few points about why SRK should keep it at EVO.

  1. GGXX: AC has been released for PS2 in America as an almost perfect port. There are no bugs unlike the Japanese version. The new home port of GGXX AC in Japan is basically the US version with Justice and Kliff included, which are banned characters to begin with. The game cost 30 bucks brand new and just about everyone has it now. This will allow a singles tourney (or team… I can run the unofficial tourney on the side for whatever format you guys don’t pick up). There are no signs of any new GG coming to consoles or the arcade any time soon, so we can assume for the most part that AC is and will be the most current GG come EVO X. The offical release here in the states will cut out much of the BS that happened in the last few years with having to do a team tourney at EVO as we can now use US PS2s and not have to worry about getting ahold of Japanese PS2s and copies of Japanese GG.

  2. The community as a whole is growing larger and larger every year. Each year I see the GG tournies grow and grow with larger numbers and new players popping up all the time. Now that the game has a US release, everyone has access and this is helping the community grow. Ben, you mention the question of GG tournies still happening or not? Well GG is still part of every major across the states and the world even. I know you can see this just by checking the Dustloop forums. Now that we have an official American release, the game can easily be played along with all the other official American games at all majors. In the last few years, I have also seen many more local tournies busting out all over the states for GG, which is drawing more and more people to the game.

  3. It is very common to see people playing multiple Capcom fighters and being very good at all of them. The crowd for these games typically is intertwined amongst itself. This is not true for the GG community. The community is a whole other crowd that typically does not play other fighting games. Thus this is a large group of people that SRK will not have to help generate more business for EVO. Many GG players only play GG competitively (including many of the Japanese players) and the large crowd that Evo would miss out on could hurt the scene.

  4. The community of GG players have always been a very agreeable bunch. I can’t tell you how many times I have run tournies and people will just start helping me with no prompting them to do so. I in no way am saying that other groups from the other games in consideration are not this way, but I am speaking from what I have seen and thus it is limited to the GG crowd. These are all agreeable guys that do not wander off (for the most part), and are always ready for there matches. GG always goes smooth and is done quickly.

  5. Guilty Gear is a fast game… The matches end pretty quick on a regular basis. There is basically no turtling in the game (save Baiken and Dizzy), and this helps get things done quickly. Games like 3S and CVS2 have alot of turtling involved and matches can last a while. Being that GG can be finished off pretty quickly, this can help get PS2s, controllers, players etc all freed up to help with the other tournies.

Now, I know my points are arguable, which is fine. I want to know what we can do as a community to help make GG a more agreeable game for SRK staff. This game is a constantly evolving game and EVO allows the players to be able to have a goal every year. It would be a shame if we didn’t have this goal anymore. I myself would be majorly dissapointed. Please let us know how we can step it up in order to gain favor. We have many tournies, gatherings, discussions, match vids and events but if we need to make more things happen, it would be great to know the specifics.

I am personally willing to help you guys with the tourney (at EVO X) and I can garentee that I will have plenty of other people with me, willing to do the same. I will help run brackets, set up stations, find legit copies of the game, gather players… whatever it takes to help.

If you guys want to see the support of the community, I will do my best to have everyone show you this support.

So as my favor that I ask from the SRK… please show us what we can do.

I utterly urge everyone (especially the GG community) to post there thoughts, comments, suggestions, etc on this issue. Please be fair and keep in mind the overall goal of keeping GG in the scene.


This topic is long overdue.

so the main question is, what has the gg community done in the past 6-8 months to rectify the situation?

Played our hearts out? I’ve seen the scene grow so muchs ince the us version has been released and alot of players have been really stepping their games up. I was playing most of the evo titles seriously before I even got a taste of ggxx and I would have to say GGXX is my favorite among the bunch. It could even be the deciding choice of me going to evo this year… I mostly only play ggac these days. I would be purely crushed if AC was taken off the roster but I feel the choice is more biased by people not wanting to see certain archtypes at tournaments. These people I think need to grow up, we are at a video game tournament competing for the number one spot the appearance of your opponent should not even be a factor. Like I know we all like to kick it with your in-state/out of state boys but just let some other people do their thing its not that hard.

On things I just want to say on about the scene in general… we have alot of tournaments, I could say that the guilty gear scene is more alive around the US than a number of games(besides arcade hot spots) I think its a staple in your evo console revolution. At NEC GGAC had the biggest numbers for a tournament(3s in second) all the players showed their hype and never left the area. Alot of players stepped it up in short time to play ac at evo world and were even able to beat the japanese teams EARLY in the tournament(Team Chicago) where the japanese team was reinvited back to winners… I think this defiently changed the flow of the tournament where a US win could of been more possible which would give us a totally different presentation(Ie: we beat the japanese in a game they had in the arcade for well over the time we had and our top players beat some of theirs.) It happens all the time but to say ac players arnt competent is a understatement. Some of the dirtiest players I know play GGAC and they all come from different games. On us not showing up for finals I apologize, I had very little sleep from waking up early to play to staying up for st. I slept through my alarm the next day and it was the biggest slap in the face to me and my community for not showing our support, we need to show our hype which is defiently there. I am for new games at evo and new light for all our new players but if we have to side tournament at evo please give us some light on the big screen…

thats my 2 cents… hope it was somewhat helpful.

What GG Community done, i dunno what to say for the rest of the US, but as for in California is going, we just had WT9 and WTX that held GG tourneys that were held 2 days for both Team and singles, and for teams we had around 50 players or more. They were held at the end of the Year of December of 2007 for WT9 and WTX was held on February… and we probably are planning to hold another WTXI in march or during spring break? i ono about what are the standards of being active but we been trying to keep the scene going over here… and there has been planning to hold another CUT(GG) tourney that might be happening soon…

we been trying to hold tourneys as much as we can here in Cali, and its kind of sad to hear that this year i was planning to attend EVO and to find GG not gona be present?

Was there anything that should have been done other than showing up to all other events on time and playing our best? It seems that’s all you guys are asking.

Some of this stuff has been mentioned already, but here’s the short version:

Highest turnout of any game at NEC, by a decent margin.
Increasingly strong numbers on the West Coast
Always been one of the main games in the Midwest & Texas
Far as I’m aware, no crazy tourney fuckups since Evo

This game has become a staple in damn near every region, and since the US release it has easily outdrawn CvS2.

And I know pre-reg numbers don’t mean much, so take this with however many grains of salt, but FWIW Guilty Gear is only behind 3s & Tekken in Final Round pre-regs.

The game also runs much more quickly than CvS2, and now a singles tourney will be feasible again.

In short, given the available evidence, this game seems to make more sense from the business standpoint.

Josh summed it up. There was over 60 people at last year’s FRX for GG and that number should only increase this year with a solid US port.

We are fully aware of the numbers for GG and tournaments. What I was referring to was the crowd not being there for finals, and the finalists being late to the event, and the top 2 teams taking a 30 min break before playing their qualifying match.

Heh…it would be interesting to see what would happen if they put 3S or Marvel finals first thing in the morning. Just to see how much of the community is willing to wake up early enough to see either game go down. I’m not going to flat out say that any other community would have done the same thing, but I don’t know if the crowds for the morning games have ever been as big as for games later on in the day. Usually games like DOA or VF5 end up getting pitted first thing in the morning but I would like to see what would happen if a staple Capcom game or Tekken got put up first thing in the morning. I know GG was either the first or second game last year and it’s just a matter of the players and the crowd being responsible enough to get enough sleep for Sunday morning. It’s not anything more complicated than that. I think the 2k7 GG drama is something that we should ALL learn from. Not just the GG heads.

Maybe this is a wake up call not just for the finalists, but for the crowd as well. We should make it an effort to be awake at 9 in the morning and support Evo instead of simply waiting for our favorite game. A lot of things happen in Vegas but Evo should be priority number 1. Even if we aren’t particularly interested in watching certain games. It’s just good overall for the community to show that this is something important and something that should happen for years to come. I’m definitely making the effort to watch the finals for every game at this year’s Evo. I know there’s some good stuff I missed last year and don’t want to make that mistake again this year.

Ahhh now I understand a bit more… This is something I personally spoke to Marneto about… He is a bit off but a good guy none the less. He fucked up really bad last year but I am pretty sure he won’t do that again. As far as the crowd was concerned… it was very tiny with almost all seats empty. I don’t think we will be making that mistake again. Still, the players who were there showed great skill and were able to beat the Japanese players and get second place. This is something never done before in GG and was quite amazing. To take away the chance for that again do to some isolated individuals :frowning: Please dont, Wizard.

If I have to go room to room 2 hours before the finals this year to get everyone down there I will…

Thanks everyone for your feedback.

Oh and for Final Round, I am expecting close to a hundred peeps this year… Just about every top player cept for West Coasters.

I simply wonder what we CAN do to rectify what you just said here. I, for one, wasn’t aware of any 30 minute break, and the only finalist I recall being late was Marn.

The people involved in this can argue for themselves. But what are the rest of us supposed to do? I can’t make any promises, and I’m sure you don’t want to hear people promising things they can’t personally control. I know I was there watching the finals for GG (And VF5 too, for that matter, at 8 in the morning.) and so was everyone I traveled with from California.

That’s pretty much all I can say on the matter, except that I wonder what exactly I can DO to help.

Evolution 2006, Tekken 5 was put in the same time slot as GG last year (11 AM). Every player was on time. The crowd was all there, cheering for whomever they wanted to win, and we were loud as fuck. The crowd may not have been as big as the later games, but thats because the Tekken crowd usually runs on its own.

What about the crowd that was there? I was there… :sad: Unless this is a call for getting others within the specific community to “babysit” each other, I don’t know where this is going.

That is entirely the finalists’ fault, not the community’s fault as a whole. If I was a finalist, I sure as hell wouldn’t be late to the event, but unfortunately that is not the case here…

…What the hell were the judges doing then? :confused:

Yeah even then…it should be important for us to check the Tekken guys out just as much as any other game. It shouldn’t be just about watching the games we wanna watch. That’s not good for the scene. I mean…we definitely have the right to watch what we wanna watch and I’m not saying there should be rules enforced. It’s just a matter of showing love for the community as a whole and not just for the games we like to watch or play. Something epic can happen in any fighting game and it shouldn’t be missed out on just because of biased thoughts like “I don’t really play that game that much”. It’s obviously the ideal situation and not everyones gonna do that, but I think it’s important overall.

I cant speak for the rest of the staff, but I personally would have liked to see an apology over the last 6 months. Not one GG player said anything, and that was pretty disappointing.

I spend close to 8-10 months planning this process. To see players disrespect the very people that put on the tournament is a slap in the face, plain and simple.

Hmmm…with those words I think it’s obvious where the status of GG is at this year’s Evo. Again I still see this as something that we should all take into account. No matter how little we were responsible for what went down. It’s not like this couldn’t happen again with another fighting game community. Staff puts hard work into the games and it should be appreciated.

Just a quick note, and it really doesn’t matter because the point remains, but the main reason GG had the largest turnout at NEC is because it was the only game that ran remotely on time. CvS and 3S didn’t even start until Sunday night, and there wasn’t even a Marvel tournament.

Why do you expect an apology on behalf of the community when only a few players are to blame? It seems you’re holding a grudge against an entire community of players because of one foul. Evo World was the only tournament that happened to have a problem with GG as far as I know.

GG has become one of the largest and best fighting game communities, if GG was in singles, it would get a lot higher turnout at this Evo and likely surpass a couple Capcom games in numbers. With the US release of Accent Core, a lot more players have picked up the game seriously, almost every GG community I know of has at least doubled because of the release. I remember in the XX days, everyone shat on GG and we managed to make it through people not holding tournaments because they just didn’t like people or they didn’t care, and look at how far GG has come.

After the last Evo, there was a ton of discussion about GG at Evo because people were giving the community such a hard time for the actions of the players who were late to finals and because some people didn’t show up in the morning to watch the finals. We (the GG community) were told here that the way to make sure we got our game back this year would be not to talk about it on the forums, but to SHOW that we deserved to be there by showing that we are active and dedicated. That is exactly what we have done. Most of the GG community posts on Dustloop, not here, and the community has done exactly what we were told to do after last Evo, by having many events with big turnouts, showing dedication through numbers and hype. Perhaps YOU don’t see this because the GG players don’t post here much, but the GG community has done exactly what it was told to do keep itself as a main game at Evo.

I’m also not sure what you mean by disrespect to the people that put on the tournament. The issues with the players who fucked up last year were all covered immediately after Evo, and it was well acknowledged that the players who fucked up at last Evo had a big impact, and that the community wouldn’t let it happen again. The fact that it’s still being brought up is a slap in the face to us. Judging from your tone, it sounds like the bias against GG hasn’t gone anywhere since after last Evo, doing exactly what we were told to do yet still going through this.

What do you want an apology for? We haven’t said anything because we were told our words weren’t what was important to get our game back. Or are you telling us that what we were told after last Evo was just a joke?