Guilty Gear Accent Core - Calgary Thread

I want a Guilty Gear scene in Calgary. So the first thing I need is names of people that are interested in the game and would like to have player rankings and tournaments. I would hold it at my place, downtown because it’s central.

So, if you like in Calgary and have an interest in the game. Post here and PM your name and e-mail address.

I have two sticks right now so at least we have that covered. Skill level doesn’t have to be high but you must have a fun attitude, that’s all.

If I were in Calgary I’d totally be joining you guys. But as is being here in Winnipeg we’re forming our scene here slowly but surely. About 5-6 guys playing it now. Good luck on your search.

genesis my man i’ve been playing gg for a while getting my copy of ac this tuesday if all goes right. im really intrested in ranbats and tournies as well so im all in.

Genesis, I’m pretty sure you should just move back to Winnipeg and join our scene!

This is a great post. Although I’m actually a Melty Blood Act Cadenza player, I also play Guilty Gear. Although I recently just picked up Accent Core, I’ve been been a little reluctant to play it because of how inbalanced it seemed. I always thought Slash was the most balanced out of the series. Anyhow, if you were hold a gathering sometime, me and another Slayer player would be most interested in joining. I personally have a newly bought HRAP stick that I’m still getting used too, and I’m thinking of switching mains in Accent Core. Do you guys happen to play Melty Blood Act Cadenza as well? Contact info:

i play mb but its hard to find comp in calgary. its been a while since i’ve played so im really rusty

Well, personally I prefer Melty Blood over Guilty Gear. I’m a lot more confident in my Melty Blood ability than my Guilty Gear ( I’m not that’ great in Guilty Gear haha ). I’d really like to see this game played more, so if people don’t mind, hopefully it could be a Guilty Gear and Melty Blood gathering for those interested.

FaceBook group to move things along smothly, this way you will all know when it’s going down at my place and what we need. I’ll buy Chinese our first meeting, my treat.

My adress and contact info is there. It will just make things easier when we get organize.

Don’t worry about not being good. Well give each other a few sessions to catch up to each other before we start ranking and bats.

I haven’t played since GGX for the dreamcast but I hear that Testament is good. You guys are more than welcome to bring Melty Blood, I wouldn’t have a hard time picking it up. I just want to play the games that have no current scene in Calgary. GGAC just seemed like the best choice since we are probably are at the same level across the board and it’s the one that will the one on the next Evo.

I’m going back to Winnipeg to represent at this game guys, don’t worry. I’ll be around. Thanks for the support, shout out to all my homies in the Peg!

I also need to know who is driving so we can arrange for rides and figure out how we can help with gas.

If you can get to a train station you can get to my house. Is that simple. We can easily figure out a way to pick up all the transit riders at a station and rides the way home.

Well throw that Flin Flon invitational and fly down there and kick your group’s ass. Well bet a roll of pennies and Chinese food must be paid for by the losers!

Well whenever you do come back, my Jam will be ready.

My ABA has a lot of rigorous training to go through but it’ll be a beast by the time you come back. Bet it.

Slayer is gonna be selling buttscratchas, because he won’t be able to win anything! But I’ll make sure to make him as beastly as my Dudley…STUN GUN has NOTHIN’ ON ME!

Apparantely a guy named ExMist on Dustloop made a Calgary thread and is looking for players if that helps.

Someone teach me Jam.

Watch KA2 vids.

Link please?