Guilty Gear Accent Core Plus

Would actually buy this if it came out in the states?

Yes or no?

even as a GGAC player i don’t think GGAC+ will get much attention with all the newer games coming out, and BlazBlue on the horizon…


Release it for a lower price (since it’s a remake and all) and you have a winner.

No. AC+ isn’t really worth owning for the hardcore crowd. Maybe it would be for Johnny Otaku if they want to see if Sol finally cooks an egg on his hotplate sword or something, but for people who play fighting games competitively… not so much.

Bring something new to the table. Bring Hokuto no Ken to America. :smokin:

IMO, it depends if there’s still demand for AC, and if AC is already out of print. Plus, I heard the Japanese version of AC+ has some bugs like missing gatlings or whatnot (someone can fill this out for me), so I guess there could be a demand for the other countries to import a fixed version of AC+ (unless they already imported a fixed version of AC, but who’s counting?).

I guess for the random Otaku gamer who plays for the story, AC+ should be released for them. But for the competitive players, eh…

And yes, bring Hokuto no Ken to America!

I probably wouldn’t buy it unless it was super cheap. I would accept it as a prize though. :wink:

Seconding it being a good re-release if AC is out of print.

I’d buy it. That would be the incentive I need to start playing Guilty Gear again.

Already got it, and love it. It’s the first Guilty Gear Game I LIIKE, and I’ve played em all except for regular AC and Isuka. If only we cold get Hokuto No Ken on psp…

How about no.

HnK’s ISO is 4.29 gigs, PSP UMD’s can only hold a little over a gig. Who wants to play a nerfed version of a game?

Lest we forget Super Street Fighter II Turbo Revival.

I would buy it in a heart beat if it were a reasonably priced PS2 release or some such.

Id probably buy it, but I wouldn’t run out the door for it.

I wouldn’t buy

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You do realize that most of that is just padding right?

The actual game isn’t that big.

If this is true (proof would be nice) then I stand corrected.

I would buy it so long as it was $30 like AC was or less. And while we’re at it, I would probably buy a US copy of Hokuto No Ken if it were to ever come out, just for the hell of it.

I’d buy it, but I wouldn’t expect it selling too well.

If you guys give it an online VS, however…!

Hey im playing Accent core plus for the psp right now. is this game a exact port from the ps2? arcade perfect? ( or perfect compared to any definitive ver. of the game ) or did they cut corners with this release regarding gameplay?

The slim psp controls work incredibly well for this game.