Guilty Gear and Street Fighter Next Gen

This may seem obvious but considering 2D fighters are as a genre half-dead, I heard MAJOR updates to both of these series are indeed coming (mostly from various Japanese sources)…

I’m not talking about Guilty Gear XX either, more like “XXX”.

Take it or leave it…good to know that new fighting games are in fact in development (and not just re-hashes).

I have some more rumors I know about at my new blog here:

k, I’ll wait till something on your blog actually comes true then I’ll care.

Till then. You are just a randie <3

hey whats this you are linking to a blog i am clicking on it oh what is this there are multiple blog entries i better look through all of them gee this sure is a great blog why didnt anyone tell me about it sooner i think i am going to add it to my bookmarks and tell all of my friends about it

come on dude

Seeing you in action is a joke.

Starts Slayer clap


I feel dirty for clicking on the link.

Who says that? That from KOF right? I know i’ve heard it before.

It’s Blanka’s SF2 win quote.

They have him able to talk outside of matches for some reason ,but in game he makes grunts and shit.

lol @ new guy plugging his blog.

fuck off

Man I play blanka all the time, how could I not remember that. I swear my memory just gets worse and worse…Whats this topic about?

He deleted his blog. :rofl:

lol indeed i was so looking foward to the new GG news that i failed to realize that but the site was down anyways

edit: AWW shit digital booty we practically have the same av ill change mine…(fixed)