Guilty gear askuka tourney-Orlando,FL

Me and some buddies are hosting a Guilty Gear Askuka as well as a Guilty Gear X2 Tourney in Orlando as a charity event for the boys and girls club. I have contacted some sponsers for gift and prizes and have had good results. We will have 10 PS2s for each game going so we hope the get as manny people as we can. So hear are the details.

Guilty Gear Askuka & Guilty Gear X2

  1. 30 fee (one game only*) - 20 goes to Boys & Girls club, and 10 towards prize
    2)Date is the 2nd Saturday in Jan. of '06 (placing this early so you all have time to prepare
  2. for location please contact me using AIM (Jeanjr977)
  3. as of now time is being based on how many people RSVP so far with have 35 for Askuka and 41 for X2

Grand prize for each game— PlayStation 2 gift set which includes the console 3 random games, shirt, posters and more as well as cash

Second prize for each game— a rebuilt XBox from EB games 100 dollars from EB

third for both games— 100 EB bucks

Fourth for both games— random grab bags

everybody who comes and pays will get a tourney shirt as well as a shirt for the game that you signed up to play. (fist come first serve)

*You play in both game but to do so you must pay the fee twice. Games will not be going on back to back so you will haave time to be in both events.

Uh, where exactly? UCF? Gamestop? Someone’s house? and what day?

how much cash?

We are holding it at a hotel as of now, we are still waiting for them to get back to us. cash prize depends on how many people enter. and the exact date of now is jan 14, 2006

Whoa whoa… 30 dollar entry fee PER GAME and the prizes are merchandise not cash? You’re gonna have to come more correct than that. That shit is garbage.

YOu spelled the name wrong of the game more than once… and 30 bucks is retarded for ONE GAME

I was wondering what “askuka” was. I thought it was a GG I hadn’t heard about. This shit fails.

It’s Isuka…and how would you even have a tourney in that? I mean, for all intents and purposes, X2 just beats it out all around as a one on one game and makes having both kind of silly. I guess you could have some sort of weird team tourney thing going on, but er…well yeah it’s Isuka. And sounds like this is non-#Reload X2, which will deter a lot of players here. I imagine the $30 is to cover the crazy prizes and shirts.

Nevertheless, it is interesting. I may even go. :pleased:

Remember to have rules. What is the “boys and girls club” btw?

Doesn’t seem like charity events and tournaments go well together.

we have been doing this every year for awhile now and have had a great turn out. The prizes are all donations from different people and clubs. the break of the 30 dollars as stated before is 20 dollars goes towards the charity which is the boys and girls club of Orlando which is an organization to help inner city youth have a safe place to play sports as well as just hang out. the other 10 goes towards the cash prizes for the top three pleyers which I not not say how much that will be since we have not stoped taking sign-ups yet. But I have just verified with the head of the mercy league which is a 2d fighter league based in central florida that this is worth point towards the end of the year in 2006 so if anybody here is in that league be sure to contact him, AIM is Mavrick Warrior. Also I am sorry for misspelling isuka wrong. and if you don’t like this tourney please don’t flame it on here we all have worked very hard to put this on and keep it as cheap as possible.

forgot to add for a list of the rules please contact me

It’s for charity, a good cause. But, as opposed to forcing people to pay $30, you should make it donations. BUT, I can understand why you would charge so much to begin with, considering most gamers wouldn’t willingly give money to charity. I mean, the last time I gave to charity was 50 cents to the santa claus for the salvation army, and even then it took me a while to give up one game’s worth of CvS2.

50 cents goes a long way in fighting games.

gamers don’t give to charity?

What the hell do you call “child’s play”?

In anycase, this isn’t about the competition. This is about the charity. If there’s any competition at something like this, it’s because you brought it with you.

A good cause, but I personally wouldn’t do it. I have too much on my mind and on my plate.

Why would you flame this man who is trying to do something good for the kids? I know that 30 dollars is alot for a tourney but looking at the reason for this and the prizes on top of cash in the pot i think this may be a cool thing to get into. How about this what if he can have other games invovled? Would that change your mind in anyway? If so make a list of games that you would come to this event for maybe he can change it around you never know.

I know that some of you seem to not want to enter and that is fine, but due to the popular demand that I have been getting from outside contacts this is going to be a pretty big battle. Because of this I am going to push it back a month. this is also to do with the booking at the hotel. Again if you don’t want to pay the cash then don’t I know it seems like alot of money but it goes to a good cause. Also due to the fact that over 75 people have now signed up to play we are going to have a loser bracket that will have some sort of prize package. Also if you were wondering only EX characters are allowed to be used I know this may cause some concern to people but the Gold ones are to Godlike to be used in a touney. The brackets will be based on names being drawn out of a hat. An now for the “bad news” bad because it can only involve the winner from each game. I championship match will be played (3 games on X2 and 3 on Isuka) the winner take home and Xbox 360 core system. Thank Donnald Summers for giving us the system. So good day and good luck.

Mega, Im sorry that the gamer community can be assholes at times. It is hard for people to see the underlineing reason for certain events. If things arent done profesional, they get real lame about it. Not all gamers are like this on these boards. Good luck with your event and I wish I had the cash and the time to support your event.

Ok man I honestly know now u don’t know what u are doing for one ex chars are godlike also to top it off u don’t get the concept of a popular tourney MVC2,CVS2,SC3,T5,GGXX#R= good turnout sorry man i am behind 110% but u have no idea what ur doing. Even for a good cause. PM me I have an Idea that will help u

Don’t allow EX. Someone will show up with EX Testament and none of you will be able to beat him.

I think you should use normal tourney rules. No Kliff or Justice, no EX, best 2/3, nothing extra, true to arcade. Like…how the game is after you power it on for the first time.

So the date was pushed back a month…so now it’s what? Feb 14? I wish you guys the best and I…may get there. I want to see what tourney Isuka is.

Hello, first off I am not MegaJeanJr, He is my roomate he moved to North florida to take care of his father, On the drive up there a few weeks ago he was hit by a car and put into a coma, for your concern he is doing fine now ans is awake and recovering just fine. The tourney is put on hold right now since I havent the time to take over for him and the rest of the people who were helping all backed out and will not return my phone calls. I understand some you must be upset at this because of the late notice. I am sorry for this i was just told today by him that he will not be able to recover fast enough to lead the tourney. beside the coma he broke he left leg and legt arm and hand. so he is still in north florida recovering. thank and god speed


Sry to hear that.