Guilty Gear Av Request

I wonder If it would be possible to get a Av made of Baiken doing her Ex: Triple Tatami Gaeshi then with a nice background have TatamiGeisha somewhere? I’ve got a Link to EVERY Chaaracters Sprite pack and here it is

sorry for seeming like a newb guys :slight_smile: I could have produced these sprites im just lazy tired and whatnot lol well there’s the link so have fun I hope Quiche gets this one since someone beat him to the punch with the other guys Ava

Would be best if you just post the sprite you wanted and not just the whole pack. It’s not like everyone knows what the hell you’re talking about.

If you played Guilty Gear you would know what im talking about and the sprite in the packages is just the single Tatami it has the tatami mats so you can make the triple Tatami though

maybe now someone can help you
if not sorry but i tried.

i think thats what u meant

ThanksXAQshinor those are the exact ones I was thinking off I dont have a phtobucket so I cant post them

maybe u should make a simpler request because what ur asking is kinda hard to do with non premium avatar restrictions.

I will get premium once the Avi is made

watever jsut go nuts with a kickass baiken avatar please anyone?

like this??

Awesome Free Rep for you myfriend