Guilty Gear Avatar Request(Pretty Please?)



Righty. I’m requesting an av with these two sprites. I just want them together with a nice background. It should look like Zato is bowing down to Chipp. Thanks a lot to whoever is nice enough to do this.


you should probably link those to a website :stuck_out_tongue:

host them there.


Sorry about that.:sweat:


np i’ll see what i can do.any specifics?animations?


Just a nice background with Zato bowing down to Chipp, that’s all.


simple av.if you want anything different let me know


Wow, thank a lot. That was very prompt. How do you make backgrounds like that? I usually get a picture online then put a sprite on the pic, but the sprite usually looks washed out when I format it to a gif. And thanks again, you’re awesome:tup:


np man anytime :tup: