Guilty Gear Beginner Intermediate Discord!


Hey guys!
With the upcoming release of Guilty Gear Rev 2, we can all hope there will be an influx of new players. In order to help them out, and anyone else that’s interested, we started up a GG Beginner and Intermediate Discord! (BID for short).
Our main goal is to have a dedicated server for newer players to learn, play, and create a tight-knit community together!
We wish to do this through having dedicated coaches that will be there to help out in their free time, resources/primers for (hopefully) all of the characters and organized fight-nights where we all get into a lobby, voice chat and learn the intricacies of the game together! If we get enough people interested we could also host our own beginner/intermediate tournaments and provide a live stream with commentary!
We do understand that Guilty Gear is a relatively small community - and our goal is not to split the community at all. We want this to be used as a compendium to any existing discords and as an in depth resource for beginner/intermediate players (or anyone that wants to help teach/learn for that matter!)
Currently we’re in our infancy, but in the following weeks/months we hope to have this server be the go-to place for any and all new(er) players!
With that being said, we could use your help! Whether you want to be a coach and help out the next generations of fighters, be a tech monster and post the latest and greatest gameplay information, or simply be there to give words of encouragement, we welcome you!
If you have any thoughts, comments, questions or suggestions, we welcome them! Our goal is to make Guilty Gear less intimidating of a game for brand new players and ultimately expand the playerbase.
We’ll see you in the BID!

Booker, Bueno and Goku


I’m definitely interested in joining the community. Complete noob here, looking to pick up a fighting game. I’m on PC or Xbox