Guilty Gear Button Arrangement?

I know that there are four buttons in a square with a extra button on the top, but I’m unsure what these buttons pertain to. I imagine the exclusive top button is dust, but I’m curious as to the others.

Actually that’s incorrect. The buttons are


P - punch
K - kick
S - slash
H - hard slash
D - dust

and respect (taunt) is officially supposed to be somewhere way to the top right of hard slash.

are you talking about pad or stick?

Well if he’s on pad he can just go to the menu and hit default. Anyway if he does mean pad, the default is P - square, K - X, S - triangle, H - circle, D - R1.

Most console stick players set it as:


R being Respect/Taunt.


yeah, freaked me out when I first encountered an actual Guilty Gear cabinet

putting the kick button above the punch button goes against everything I’ve ever known

bipedalism, for example

I always make sure the training program button is on the button under S and respect is on like l1 or l2 because I COULD HIT IT ACCIDENTALLY

i guess if i played chipp id put it there

well who am i kidding i never play gg

i find K on top to be easier for GG

guilty gear needs their bottons changed, add the sixth button already

In the arcade its the start button, so a few (4+?) inches to the right of and slightly lower than HS.

GG buttons are gUd the way they are.
just takes time to get use to

chipp’s “air taunt” has been a special move command for 2 games fyi

yea i agree they make a lot of sense for the game. frc’s, venoms pool ball setups, and the general progresion of attack strencth flows better
234 > 135
1 5 246

(:open_mouth: its yar)


i know i’m just pointing this out not lacking the reason as to why you didn’t know this!

I set mines to default. =/

Is it necessary to do it arcade style on stick? I’m used to:

P = Square
K = X
S = Triangle
HS = Circle
D = L1

On my stick, that layout wouldn’t work too well…

L1 ? ? R1
L2 X O R2

The arcade style works fairly well, especially since burst is D + Any button, it means you can just sorta slap your hand down on H & D.

It seems like a weird layout at first, especially if you’ve been playing SF for years. I remember when I started that I thought having Punch on the bottom row was so strange. Once you get used to it though, it works out really well for GG.


I take it you’re using an HRAP. Yeah, the format wouldn’t be weird at all for me because that’s the same format for Arcana Heart.

I’ll see what I can do tonight to get used to it. Hmm…looks like I’ll be doing a lot of drumming.

It’s really difficult to go from Stick to Pad!

I just switch the P and K on the pad to make it easier to play on pad if there isn’t a Stick available.

I played guilty gear xx back then and the layout FOR DEFAULT was.


For the latest guilty gear
K_S_H is default ? Just wanted to know. :wonder:

Ha just wanted to know so I wont be having to keep config every match doing a tournament.