Guilty Gear Button Setup

What’s the button setup for GG on an arcade stick?

s t o
x _ r1

k s hs
p _ D

me bad!

i’ve always played with (the arcade that has slash has this set up too)

[K] [S] [HS]
[P] _ [D]

P _ D

the missing button on the bottom middle can be used in place for the Respect button

That’s how I usually set the cabs up too… :wink:

I heard that on some machines, the kick and punch buttons are reversed. Any truth to this?

Probably due to lazy techs… >_<

Straight from Arc Systems…

GG has the weirdenist lay out ever… Slayer FTW!

Not really. It’s similar to SF in that you have your light attacks to the left and your hard attacks to the right. Only difference is that you dont have a MK button.

At University pinbal the had their shit like this

k(HS) all right next to each other like a controller