Guilty Gear Comic

Err… I’m stuck between the fanfic forum and the fan art forum… I’ll just post it here since I didn’t technically draw anything…

Anyways I just wanted to see if anyone would be interested in reading another sprite comic – this time in line with Guilty Gear. I have a few sample pages but I’m still working on the script :smiley:

The comic is titled: The Infinity Drive, and while it follows whatever canon I can possibly study – it also takes artistic license. I tried to do the story in the form of a Manga, but anyways on with the show. Here’s two pages from the middle of the current arc.

Tell me what you guys think – I worked really hard on the layout…

It’s a bit goofy.

But given how painful dealing with bitmaps n’ such can be, I’ll give it a thumbs up.
Sorry about my outburst the other day.
Can you draw well?

:rock:-Wayne’s World!

I have no drawing talent what so ever.

Yeah it is kinda goofy – but stylistically I also have no comic talent :smiley: I need to start reading more manga to find out how they do things.

GG is a n ice world to explore though, and it allows you to get as weird with it as you want-living keys that are married to “horrid” lolitas? sure. Half man, half machine muscleman genius who also designed the gears? Why not? the hero MARRYING the villlan and having a kid with her?-par for the course, of course.

Why don’t you get the guy who drew your avatar to help you? He/She…
Wait. Is that image from a manga artist?

Try getting a “learn how to draw book” and take some classes. Sounds a bit sarcastic, I know, but it does help. And from my teachers, I offer you this advice: Draw what you see. Draw everything that you can, anything at all. When momma tells you to get out of the house, get out and go draw a tree or your house, or even a friend. Just do it, and do it often. Practice and learn from what you see, and you will get better. Try to balance made up/from the imagination drawings with real life, graphite “photographs” of the world (By the way, photos help a lot-I wanna get my camera! :slight_smile: They always stay still and never ask the terrible question; “ERR YOO A GOOD DRAAWER, BOWAH?”) And as for style, just take what you like and incorporate it into the way you draw. Find things in cloth folds, in eyes, in manga, even the gg instruction manual and emphasize/modify them to your necessity.Hey, try drawing Ky or SOL! Stick men are ok! Tall stickmen or gesture (scribble) drawings are actually the basis of all drawings depicting humans. Just take a stick man and draw the forms on it. Give the guy pose, bones, flesh and skin. then put some clothes on him (do this quickly when in public,
because many will either think you’re a wierdo or… Well a wierdo. People don’t understand that a nude can be an integral process in art for finding the way that character wears clothes- as in how the folds go and whatnot.

Read this and try it!
Don’t be afraid!
Just do it!