Guilty Gear Dust Strikers

Has anyone gotten Guilty Gear Dust Strikers? Is it any good? Can you do combos alright?

no but I seen it on ign looked like it was fun, I think bleach looks abit better though, but this game also has alot of mini games from what I saw.

your name reminds me of scryed.

heard it wasnt that good

It’s not that good for a GG game.

Really I like some of what they tried to do, but the execution is bad.

Dust Strikers is an absolute joke. And no you can’t do the combo’s correctly. The characters don’t even have the full move list. And there’s no commands like qcf and charge moves. Just Forward + attck and down+attack etc.

Like Steve said, the idea was quite fun and original, but the execution is absolutely horrible.

So its a no go huh? I just wanted a good combo fighter for the DS.

Peep Bleach DS, that’ll satisfy you.

I’m still probably gonna pick up GGDS though.

If GG fucked smash brothers and they had a bastard half retarded baby it would be GG dust strikers.

If you want a good fighter get bleach DS. While it has issues, it’s fun and very playable.

what kinda issues does bleach have?

Bleach is pretty much a GG clone, with some other crap thrown in.

The tier balance is off, and also the entire “card concept” is broken as fuck.

If you can find a good match with no cards, it’s a fun game.

The main issue is the fact that ichigo/soi fong/aizen/byakuya/gin beat the snot out of everybody, and when you add in cards the beat down gets even worse.

how is it a gg clone? thinking of picking it up, so i just wanted to know more about the game.

Uh… what? None of those characters are too good. The only potentially bannable characters are Kenpachi and Yachiru.

The card system shouldn’t really have any effect on one’s opinion of Bleach DS since most people who play it seriously fight with no cards, find the right crowd and you can play plenty of no card battles and appericate the system more. Most people who abuse cards don’t know how to actually play anyways from my experience and I fought some retarded card set-ups people had. Most of the time I fought people with cards was when I just fought randoms through Japan Battle.

Aizen and Yachiru are the only true broken characters in the game IMO. Ichigo is good, but not “own everyone with ease” good. Same with Gin. They’re just both newbie friendly. I rather fight them than a good Kenpachi. Byakuya is buff, but not broken on Aizen’s level.

GG Clone? That’s one way of looking, it basically has all of the best offensive/defensive elements of other fighters (air dashing, Ex special moves, special > super canceling, guard canceling, damage canceling aka Burst aka combo breaker, etc, etc) and moves around the same speed as GG except with less stuff flashing on the screen.

I was interested in GG:Dust Strikers but when I heard how the engine was changed, that was it for me. I don’t mind the command move changes but can’t combo like the original GG and jumping always takes you next plane, just seem way too arkward.

From my first impression playing it, I felt it was not very good.

IGN reviewed the game and said it felt shallow. I thought maybe they just didn’t know what they were talking about… but the game really did feel shallow.

It may have been because the controls didn’t make much sense. In the manual, default configuration (out of 4 control types) Y is “weak”, B is “strong,” X is “dust,” L is burst, R is roman cancel, Y+B is throw, down is block. Sounds OK so far.

Weird thing is if you press nothing you’ll block too. I’m pretty sure there is no high or low block, so there goes the high/low game. To encourage offense, you can get guard crushed (and dizzy-ed if you get block too much)

If you mash on the Y button, it’ll give you something like punch, kick, slash combination. If you press B you’ll get some variation of slash/hard slash (sorry I’m not sure of the correct GG terminology).

There are also items you can get that you use by pressing the touch screen. Health (restores about 1/2 energy), a bomb (that you throw horizontally), some lightning attack (like pikachu down +B), and other stuff.

Sounds and music get repetitive because there isn’t enough in it.

I kept finding myself trying to do a combo and ending up going through the other character (because I was too close) and having my back to the computer and missing hits.

If you want to find out more indepth things… you’ll have to find out on the computer because there isn’t a training mode. Training modes are important to me in a fighting game (even smash bros has a training mode).

This game might be a little more fun if you can play against other people (because the single player just isn’t fun). Thing is multiplayer would probably just end up being someone with the most health winning by running away until time runs out. Should be easy to do since you got 4 platforms to jump around in.

When Did This Shit Come Out?

dust strikers?

Good god, this is crap covered with bread crumbs…

HAHA I like it =(

I can come up with some cool combos. Like with axl I can tap y three times then forward x to launch them. I jump hit y twice, double jump hit b twice then press a for axl bomber and if they land on the second floor you can hit down and y and combo again or relaunch.

I like it cuz it’s fast all the moves ARE there and I like how you can combo around floors. Turning around is a bitch and it’s my biggest gripe about the game. But sound is good and the game play is good. Lack of training mode sucks cuz you can’t practice sick combos unless you have another person with the game.

Cool stuff is like if you are on the second level you can do a combo then press x to knock them down to the first floor, you tap down and you can OTG and bounce them back to the second level. haha some fun shit.

IMO is worth it, but it’s definitely a two + players otherwise it gets old.

I loved it


I am actually pretty addicted to playing it. Let me run down what I thought its pros and cons.

-no training mode
-no ds download play (back to old school each has to have the game to play)
-no A.b.a
-turn around learning curve. (you get used to it)
-shitty manual (wrong moves printed)
-the boss is a dude
-zappa dog:yes, sword: yes but no ghosts :sad:
-no turn around button (however I thought the down to block was a bit more ingenious then the way Isuka planned it)
-most of the characters are there with most if not all of there moves
-the multi teired environment is actually kinda fun
-RC’s and FRC’s are still there. Albeit much easier to get the timing on FRC’s. ( I did a huge combo with Baiken on all three characters, i thought it felt quite self satisfactory)
-Music is there. Midi it isn’t.
-a whole new apporach to combos. ie. knocking characters up a teir, otg…continue…death.
-Its fun.

If you want portable Traditional GG then the PSP version will rule. If you just want somethign fun for the DS to play around with with maybe a friend or three, i don’t see the big deal. Think of it more like if Konami made a 4 player fighting game based on Castlevania, it would probobly play the same (and it would probobly get more respect)

Just buy it…I mean is Bleach out yet?
It looks better.

Bleach DS has been out since Feb.