Guilty Gear fan sketches

Yup, just felt like posting some sketches of Guilty Gear characters on some place other than GCC.

So here’s the stuff:

May - Something ancient. It’s an old copy I made of May’s taunt sprite.

Sol Badguy - This is the latest in my infinite streak of Sol Badguys. He’s pretty much my favourite training model. I messed him up so many times in the past. This one is much better than those that came before.

Millia Rage - My only Millia Rage… Just posed her in a way it seemed to fit her style.

Ky Kiske - Probebly my favourite Guilty Gear fanart. I just drew an angry mouse head because I had that impulse and felt like it should be Ky so I looked around at some Ky pics and ended up with this one. I was really happy at the final result.

Crits and comps are welcome. :cool:

Hmmm… Not bad, you have a plain style though… but, that’s my opinion. Just keep drawing and keep posting your work.

What exactly do you mean by “plain style”? Do you mean the fact that the characters just stand there and aren’t doing all that much?

…Because I have some nice action scenes I drew far back and aren’t disgustingly misproportioned.

That, and the way you draw them is bland. There’s nothing truely unique about them except that they’re YOUR drawings.
If that makes sense…

2 of your drawings came right out of the GGX Draft book, which is good for learning the costumes and move poses, but bad in that we’ve seen them before.

But like he said, keep drawing and drawing and drawing. Eventually your own style developes and you’ll have people going “That’s a Brain Digger face!”.

Oh, that’s what I’m trying to avoid the most. I don’t wanna be stuck with this singular ulta-recognisable style, like Adam Warren, that’s just wrong! I will keep drawing and drawing, though.

I belive those two drawings you speak of are of May and Sol.
Well, May is a copy of the sprite, as I’ve said, and I’m actually VERY proud of it. It was a very good chance for me to practice my ability of shading with a pencil.
And Sol, he’s not that much of a copy at all, seeing as he looks much younger than the original, but indeed I was looking at the official wallpapers to study his face.

I must mention that I draw much more original art than fanart and that it’s, in most cases, much better than the fanart.

EDIT: The way I draw them is bland? Do you mean the fact that my outlines look too… umm… forced on the hand and aren’t “natural”? Well, that’s what happens when all you have to back you up is training and none of that “natural talent” crap.


I was going to give you a nice, in depth response, but after looking over those 2 lines a bit more, I’m not going to waste my time with you.

For the record, I was talking about May and Ky. You may have drawn a mouse head on Ky, but the rest of him is pretty obvious.

I see, so we have opposing pricipals. You belive in individual style and being gifted from friggin’ god (yeah, right! :lame: ) and I don’t.

Don’t you diss my Ky. What do you expect me to do?! Invent my own outfit? The pose (or hand gesture) is totally mine, by the way. Ky is too much of a holy tea cup collecting frenchie to look this badass.

Hey Brain Digger, your stuff is aiite, but like Apathy-Inc said, it seems really stiff. Trying out sketchier lines first will make your stuff look much more natural. You seem like you take criticism too personally tho; ppl are not commenting on your drawings to attack you, they are doing so in order to help you get better.

By the way, there IS such thing is god given talent. Not to discourage you, but you and I could work on drawing for decades and we’d never be as good as the old masters or the young pros today. The truth is, great artists = great observers + great ability to put it on paper, and not everyone can do that.

and oh yeah, about that Ky pic. Doubt anyone can call it “their” pose when all they did was change the hands a little bit.

Whank you General Tso. I know this isn’t ment to attack me personaly, but Mr. Apathy-Inc here went against my whole perspective.

Hmph, maybe there is some of this god given talent… I got a friend who’s pretty much a natural for this thing. And he’s like some sort of n00b.

And yeah, my version of Ky is lots diffrent from the GGX version… asspecially because most of my inspiration came from art of GGXX. :rolleyes:
I probebly should’ve continued drawing an original character instead of drawing Ky’s body on that head…

Sketchyer lines… That kinda confuses me… The closest I can see to that is the stuff I have before erasing. I actually draw “sketchy” lines, harden the right ones and erase the “wrong” ones.

you dont take critism very well. your work is very B grade. it looks so generic i wanna go to sleep. you do have some alright proportions and you can copy anime pretty well…and um… thats all i can see actually.

Don’t fucking “grade” my work!

Indeed, my stuff lacks a certain “blam” to it. But there’s no need to go as far as to say “B grade”, that comes up to par with saying “you suck”. Also, most of my latest stuff is meant for training on drawing things proportionaly and in correct shape. I’m also not very interested in drawing characters which aren’t mine.

My older stuff may be more interesting but so badly misproportioned and misshaped you’d wanna puke.

You are lacking flow in your work. very stiff work. loosen up a bit. You need better linework also. At least you got the proportions down on some of them. Not bad.

Yes, I see I’m getting pretty much the same comments from everyone. Yeah, I really think I should work on that stuff. Any tips on exactly what practice should I do? It’s hard for me not to “force my hand” into drawing.

Hmm… the only thing I can tell you is to not press so hard on the page when you draw and try to vary your line work a little more. Have a good balance between thick and thin lines. Is there any life drawing classes you can attend where you live? I find that drawing quick 1 min. gesture poses the model does really helps to loosen up your line work. If not then I guess you could get a friend to pose for you, if you have any that would be willing to do that. But after drawing for a while it’s enivitable that your line work will improve.

I’ve been drawing almost once a day all year. I drew anything that came to my mind. I don’t think I’m going to sign up to any art lessons any time soon because I deal with art as a hobby and my main profession would probebly be in programming. You know, I’m thinking of some sort of a combination between the two for game design.

I guess I’ll have to try some stuff from the internet or copy some stuff from magazines. Is that a good idea? To draw models from fasion magazines and stuff?

I don’t know… I don’t usually press so hard on the page, I usually draw weak lines and then darken them.

I don’t know if copying drawings will help but maybe imitating other artists styles will help you to develope one of your own. For instance One of my fav artists is Joe Mad. When I first discovered him I tried to imitate his style and at first my drawings looked like shitty ripoffs of his stuff. But eventually I just extracted what i liked from his work and tried to make a style that was more my own. I’ve still got a long way to go but it’s getting there. But when It comes down to it there’s no real tricks to getting better you just gotta practice your ass off.

those are really good!! i wish i could draw…:bluu:

There isn’t enough personality in this pic. Your style is generic. Just keep drawing from your head and not from other pics and you will be alright. Remember you only get better if you keep praciting.

@Naysayism 2.0: Yeah, I’m always drawing from my head… Well, I guess I do have to look at lots of official art for when I make fanart so that I won’t make the clothing all wrong… Check out my big post in the sketches thread, tell me what you think.

@DerangedZombie: I don’t mean copying drawings, I ment copying photos of fashion models from magazines and the internet.

Anyway, I DO practice my ass off. I draw all the time and it’s the one hobby I have that could compete with gaming. I guess I’m on the right path to success then, right?

Don’t just wish, try. For example, try copying some of your favourite anime and game characters. It seems like where most comic and Manga artists start out, from there, it’s just studying the proportions and trying stuff on your own.

Anyway, here’s something I finished last night. I just went crazy with this one.

Big buncha Sol

EDIT: Dammit! Photobucket shrunk my image!

Here’s a better link