Guilty Gear Fluidity

I’ve only played Guilty Gear XX once before at the arcades. I had no idea what I was doing as I didnt know any of the buttons or what burst meant or anything.

Anyway, when any of you started, did you find the game to feel a bit jagged in motion? Im not talking about animation, but just impact + speed. Im a 3s/CvS2 player so its a bit unusual for me. I dont enjoy Tekken or VF because the motion just feels too disjointed for me. Yeah I know they’re great and all but Im not into them.

So would you recommend the game to me? Does it get better/feel not as bad once you know wtf youre doing? Im considering buying it because its suppose to be awesome, but Im hesitating because of the aforementioned problems. Thanks.

Part of it depends on the character you’re playing (Pot, Johnny, and Faust always feel a little stiff IMO), but yeah, the game becomes a lot more fluid once you get used to it. Understanding movement, the gatling system, and the F/RC system just takes a bit of time and experience.

ah okay

also does the Xbox version have input lag? i thought i heard something about that. is it true?

The X-Box version itself has no input lag. Using a PS2->X-Box converter can create input lag, depending on the converter and how well it works with whatever pad or stick you’re using.

ok cool…thanks all

I remember there was a thread about the Xbox version, where a consensus was reached that there IS input lag, but it’s such a small amount that it doesn’t affect you at all unless you switch versions often. You might be able to find the thread by searching.

I’d like to know what thread YOU were reading. Finding the right combination of stick and converter isn’t easy, and most players have had a lot of problems. The general consensus is strongly anti-converter.

ive played the xbox and ps2 versions of reload. the games are the same, i can go between both versions just fine with no adjustments whatsoever. but then again, many more people have ps2 designed sticks, and not xbox designed, luckily i got sticks for both, so i dont have to worry about all that converter bullshit. so naturally, the ps2 version will be recommended. but reload on ps2 is import only, not everyone can have access to it.

polarity: that thread is full of shit, the game only lags on converters or those sticks you buy in a store that has multi system support since all those sticks use a ps2 conversion signal when using them on xbox(i.e. the SFAC nuby stick).

it seems like anyone will put the “input lag” stamp on anything these days lol

bottom line is, just dont use a converter, period. converters suck for fighters no matter what. just build a stick or buy a custom stick from someone on this site designed for xbox and you will be good. or have someone just hack a ps2 and xbox ito the stick and you’ll be fine!

I agree, we should probably migrate to some sort of modular design, my cigarbob stick has a molex connector that attaches for ps2/saturn/snes(:tup:) and it’s worked well for years now, I find the molex easier than the DB15 computer style connector, but maybe there’s a new connecter that’s better than both and can still carry all the signals, maybe something external, don’t really know for sure.

All the stick makers could use one interface, and maybe even a seperate person could make 100% compatible pad hacks, or of course people could do it themselves. That doesn’t solve the problem with stock sticks like horis, but since the newer ones never came over here for some reason i don’t think they’ll be in as much demand anymore.

Just buy X-arcade with the proper… wait that’s to expensive:P Anyone knows controllers that are cheap and work on all systems?

Learning to dash (or more importantly air dash) instead of walking is important, because walking is S-L-O-W.

Never under any circumstance buy an X-Arcade. There is no proper way to use a stick that crappy. Go with a MAS or a custom.

if you want a modular design X-arcade is the way to go:P Though you have to do a lot of shit to get sanwa controls in.

here’s the thread i was referring to:

Okay, I missed the part in that thread where he said he was using a converter, sorry :confused:.

So I purchased GGXX#R last month or so and I have a question:

regarding the insta-kill thing, does that ever happen in top level play? it seems like it would be something that would break the game but it apparently doesnt. whats the story behind it?

If you look at high level play(or any level play) you see that players use nearly always tension. With insta-kill the chances of missing are huge and you lose all your tension doing so.

oic…thanks mate