Guilty Gear fundamentals question

I have been playing and loving Guilty Gear Xrd for the past two months now, (I’m a little late I know) and I have been focusing on fundamentals while learning it. Now, I love Millia, and I want to learn how to use her effectively more than any other character, but I know she’s not the best for learning the fundamentals. Would any of you recommend learning my fundamentals through Millia? Or would you suggest I take a different approach to learning it?

I would say that Millia is a fairly simple character to play, so playing her wouldn’t hurt you if you’re wanting to build core gameplay. Otherwise, Sol and Ky are usually the way to go since they are the “Ryu and Ken” of the game. Ultimately, it’s best to practice with a character you like playing the most and building up your gameplay with them in a game like GG though.

Game on, buddy.

Thanks for the reply! I think I’ll just learn the game with Millia then.

I wouldn’t really consider Millia simple tbh. Her game plan is pretty straight forward, but her low life means any mistake you make is going to get punished heavily. Ultimately I agree that you should just learn the game with whichever character you like. However, some “beginner” characters I’d recommend are: Ky, Sol, Faust, Sin. Those are the easiest characters to use in the game imo and 3 of them happen to be incredibly powerful to boot.

Seconding Faust

I like Sol, would any of you recommend learning Sol and Millia at the same time, or should I just stick to Millia?

Just play Millia. I personally don’t believe in learning a character for the sake of “fundamentals”. You can learn the game just fine with her.

I think ultimately you should learn the game with whichever character you like. Just be prepared for more frustration learning the game with Millia than learning the game with Sol.

Alright, I guess I’ll just learn the game with Millia then, thanks for your replies!

Some more advice I’d like to give is: make sure you don’t spend too much time in training mode. I’m not saying don’t go to training mode, as it is an essential part of the game to learn your combos and learn match ups. However, I feel a common mistake a lot of new players make is spending too much time there rather than gaining experience actually playing other people.

I would say he should try the trials just to test himself. If he can manage to at least get to trial 20 without getting fed up he should be fine against your average newbie.

Agreed. Some of Millia’s comobos can probably be intimidating for a new player (TK Bad Moon, IAD mid-combo, etc) so you are going to want a healthy balance of training mode practice and real world match-up experience.

Yeah, the IAD’s after j.d are pretty tough to get out, but I’ve been practicing haha. Thanks for the advice, I’ll be sure to check out the trials.

I’m that guy :confused: I like spending time in practice mode and just goofing around. Ranked just feels so stressful. I do play Endless more than before though.