Guilty Gear Girls


umm… Hi everybody!
This is my first time posting here in the art forum, let alone start my own thread ^^;

Well, I like the Guilty Gear girls, Especially Jam so I decided to draw her and Dizzy.
Dizzy Because she has an interesting design, I dont like her as much as Jam though :3

from start to finish this took about 4 hours, all the obvious mistakes are covered by pretty bells and whistles ^^;



I was looking at your loc and it said htown at sg. Does that mean Houston at Stargate? Well anyways Houston people suck at drawing, but your pretty good i see. Good cg by the way.


yah nice colors, the lineart is ok tho.


man and i thought i rocked


…they’re going to have sex together aren’t they


this is the girl that likes to talk shit to me…:bluu: :frowning: :lol:


aww! thank you you guys :3 I really appreciate it

…aww I thank you too!!!


Quite sparkly. Don’t know if it’d work out between those two though.


really great colors. their bodies and hair look nice. faces have no actual flaws, but i think they could use some work


What did you use?


SafetyJackal is just curious about what you used to make that? Was it Illustrator and Photoshop? Prismacolors? Did you draw it and then scan it? What?

It looks nice and SJ just started trying to learn The GIMP last week.


“It was the sound of the breathing/Telling him where you were hiding/The sound of the breathing/Filled up his ears” - Sound of The Breathing (Heat of the Moment:Asia)


Can you draw a pic of whats going to happen next…:smiley:


LMAO! pretty funny…:lol:


That is a pretty cool picture, my friend. Are you going to do any more of the GG girls?