Guilty Gear Isuka now on Steam


I love this game. I, having since learned the controls, have never had the opportunity to play with anyone else. Ppl hatin on reload. It’s gonna get y’all no where. I’m sayin it now.


The ONLY tournament that ever took place for Guilty Gear Isuka, 17 minutes in.


Robo-ky mode and the OST makes the purchase worth it imo; either way, it’s not a game you take seriously…it’s just a fun spin-off.

Except the release date is listed as ‘20th June 2006’. Maybe you don’t use Steam much, but they’ve been re-releasing old games constantly for a while now; some people like it, some don’t (it pushes down actual new releases, blurs spotlights etc). Majority of people on Steam are well aware of this and will be well aware that this is just an old port as they’d be used to it by now. Doesn’t stop the few idiots in the Review’s section from making a fool out of themselves though…


GGI is fun if you have the right mind set for it, aka, don’t take it seriously.

Plus it allows for manly matches like 4 Potemkins/Slayers on a free for all :rock:


On the the games page yes, everywhere else (pop-up ad, recent releases, search results), no:

And even if you see the release date on the games main page, people aren’t going to assume no online, because we had plenty of online fighters before 2006, including guilty gear xx reload of all things, on xbox in 2004. My point was, most people who pick this up are going to feel ripped off. The people that know better (IE: us), aren’t going to touch it.


The Genshiken anime was co-produced by Sega Sammy, so that would explain Ohno’s Jam cosplay and the GGI footage.


You know what? Fuck it, I’m buying this.

Gonna send a big ol’ message to ASW: “PUT YOUR SHIT ON STEAM


This all assumes ASW give a shit about their western fanbase


They aren’t going to notice you know.


“Congrats. Your grand is 25 years worth of Game Software!”

What the hell is that?
Is that… 25 years of games from back in the day? Is that the next 25 years he’ll get PS3, PS4, and PS5 games? Is it a bunch of dev kits and engines used to make games? WHAT THE HELL IS THAT FUCKIN’ PRIZE?!


I man can dream ;-;


Isuka has one major flaw that pretty much ruins the game. Doing 1v1 does not reset to standard 1v1. So you still have to use the turn around button. GGI plays great and it’s fun but the lack of the option of traditional 1v1 blows.


Yeah this is the hardest gg to play. Good luck if you’re new. The dust being s + h sucks as well.


The game would have probably been better with a system that made it so that you automatically faced one opponent all the time with the option to switch “targets”.


Either that or ditch 2D fighter inputs and just make it GG Smash.


Whoa, what is finalshowdown doing in that anime?


Interesting. If I’m not mistaken, in the manga they actually play Savior and CvsS1.

That explains why they switched for GG in the anime.


They already made that game. Ever heard of Guilty Gear: Dust Strikers?


^^I actually owned that game when I had a DS. It was actually a pretty fun game, although I didn’t really play GG at the time so I didn’t know any of the references.

Isuka’s fun too if, like people say, you don’t take it too seriously. It’s actually a GG game I’d like to see someone do some kind of mod to to make it better.


lol ha thanks to bad im sure that joke is lost on most