Guilty Gear Isuka PS2 Europe release?

So I searched the Web for some info and the only thing I found is TBA for Europe…

Does is anyone know if GGI is slated for a EU release?

I know GGX reload is better (I recently picked it up when it was finally released here for PS2) but I just want some multi-player fun.

It’s been on TBA for months. MONTHS AND MONTHS!

I still havent got Reload for PS2. Well, not the EU version, but I have the Korean version (with the OST. WAH!)

Why would you actually want to BUY Isuka? Its not worth even one coin.

Isuka?? Fuck that game, I’ll stick to REload thank you.

I think thats why there won’t be Isuka for PAL. It was tipped for March this year and where is it? Reload was the better option and I’m thankful it was released.

a button to turn wtf?