Guilty Gear (Playstation)

I actually found a copy of the very first Guilty Gear for Playsation this weekend. So, what do we know about this game? Post strats and tiers. Was the game broken? How was it recieved by the fighting game community back in the day?

Broken as all hell, but it’s still a blast to play every now and then.

In a way, one could say it broke itself into balance, becuase everyone but Baldhead had infinites. :rofl:

someone post up that vid where chipp does combos all day and combos his opponent in circles through all 4 corners of the screen.

I believe arc systems denies the existence of this game.

With Ky or Sol, just repeat shoryuken at corner <.<
That’s how easy infinties are in this game.

Not shosho style, you can actually LINK shoryukens.

You want broken? I give you broken…


Ninjas are top tier. I loved that game when it came out back in the day. It was pretty crazy that the PS1 could actually push sprites like that back then.

Awesome the hit counter doesn’t even go over 99.

OP: this game, even though broken, is decently hard to find actually though since it was release by ATLUS. So keep it, it’s definitely a fighting game collecting piece if nothing else.

ain’t that chipp combo valid only on justice because she has some kinda glitch involving air stun or something?

notice how justice is lying down in mid air?

Dragon Install + Sol’s Uppercut equal chip damage to the extreme. Two of those in the corner and it was ggpo.

No, everyone has a related combo.
This game does not have recovery like GGX and above.

We need some Sol combos posted up, lol.

You can do flashier things on justice, but infinites work on everyone.

…I think.

66K xn

623HS xn


i remember millia had qcf+S xN in the corner. Required some timing.

But yeah, that’s the vid I was talking about.