Guilty Gear Revelator Invitational Brooklyn, NY June 18th


Sup guys so i decided to throw a GGxrd REV invitational to start off the beginning of the games life with a bang! everyone knows who invited already, as of today we need slayer, sin, Kum and a faust! So those spots are completely open! and for the other guys that would want to be in it and their character slot is not open, your more then welcome to challenge that person a ft5 for the slot before the tournament. The tournament will be 3/5 the whole tournament and il be throwing in $200 pot bonus plus what ever donations I get from my stream. REV will be on ps4 so if you can bring your game (if its physical) it will help a bunch! NL is very limited to gg rev games. YOU CANNOT SWITCH CHARACTERS. See you guys there and if you have any questions send me a PM! :slight_smile:

i will be using a new app called http://challonge. for the tournament itself. Check it out here:

I will also be the onme streaming the event. can check out my stream channel here:

Double Elimination
3/5 Matches for WF, LF, GF.

And here’s the list of players we have so far!

Axl - Brad
bedman - Sodelic
chipp - OG shine
Dizzy ?
elpelt - lost soul
faust - Psychodm
i-no - mynus
ky - marvisto
Kum Haehyun - ?
leo - zidane
may - mahouko
millia - Lordknight
potemkin - Shine
ram - Drunken chicken
Raven - Dai
sin -
slayer -
sol - blazeu25
venom - grover
zato-1 - marlin pie
jack-o - alz
jam - Psychodm
johnny - a3religion